Red Standard Poodle Stella

Last Updated 1/4/16

Red Standard Poodle Stella at home in St. Louis, MO with her other spoo friends Gabby, Trudy, Lilly, and Roxy.  Watch me grow!!! Cleopatra x Daniel parents.

The artist who painted Stella is Jeffery Spicer > website

Tracking Stella statistics:

  • 16 mo 50 lbs, 25" at shoulder
  • 11 mo 49.6 lbs, 25" at shoulder
  • 9 mo 48 lbs, 24" tall - a long lean girl :0)
  • 7 mo 45 lbs, 23"
  • 6 mo 39.3 lbs, 21"
  • 5 months 36 lbs, 21" at whithers Red is now deepening in color
  • 4 months 28 lbs, 19" at hips and red is darkening
  • 3 months 18.5 lbs...a little fading of red on torso occurring 
  • 7 wks 5.4 lbs

Below is a charity pic the girls taken to support a local canine police unit purchase a new dog.   My Vet brother in law is Santa. 

I'm an Angel ;0) 


Below-"I am such a beautiful girl!"

"Group Picture!" 

"In this picture I am 21 months old, look how beautiful I am!" :0)


"I am one fancy girl with this hair cut!" 

"Ahh, laying down inside, enjoying the sunshine coming in. ;0)"


Oh, this is what growing and feeling like a mature girl is about..I'm going through my first heat cycle, I'm hoping to be a red healthy breeding girl...panties, hmm, what I will be putting up with?

I'm growing, changing, feeling like a young lady...hmmm, what does that mean?

 8 months longer in body no change in height.  Natural hunter, loves her daily 2-3 mile walk with Gabby, always ready for a car ride and has discovered water is so refreshing.  A dip in the pool or a run in the sprinkler with Gabby great after her walk .

She is a gorgeous red poodle. Not fading. Very lean right now.  


My master shares - Great personality, strong, social, a clown, testing but always laying at my feet.  Loves her yard, 3 mile walks with me & Gabby and going to work with mom.  Love her!

I'm 6 months old now. My friend is Gabby here - let's wrestle!


This is my eating habit for getting down to the bottom of the dish ;0) I'm getting redder :0))

My first mug shot shots ;0))

Standard Poodles - an echelon above other canines - and perhaps it's just me Stella viewing the fact I might be human...look at my sitting, paw/hand on my lap, paw/hand on the vehicle rest watching the traffic with Roxy  ;0)))


Here we're gathering for supper, Gabby, Lilly and I.

Look at my spinner toy sent home with me, still in one piece :0)


Cool pillow for us poodles too!

Gabby says peek-a-boo...


I see the light!

Hmmm, maybe if I lay here long enough my master will take me for a walk...


Here's Lilly who is becoming my closest play mate :0)

And this is Roxy...waiting for that walk too ;0)


Trudy - GET OFF the shoes so we can go walking!!!

Here I am with my first haircut at Tes's 7 wks old.


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