Mooloo Cream Standard Poodle

Last Updated 08/06/2019

Mooloo is going on 4 yrs old, an adventurous dog with her owner. She and her owner go side car adventuring often, winter or summer, snow or rain. Parents are Black Cleopatra x Black Ike 2012.

Mooloo’s picture is the cover photo for the Health and Science section of the Washington Post today.  The paper sent out a photographer to take pictures to accompany an article about sidecar dogs.  Mooloo has never met a camera she didn’t like…   July 7, 2019


Minnesota Bound filmed a winter camping trip with Mooloo and me last February.  They showed Mooloo in the promos sitting in her chair outside  my tent and a brief glimpse of her in the clip.  March 5, 2019

Here is the link ;o)


Mooloo is pictured in an AP article that appeared in the magazine "Waco Today".  Here is the link:

It is about the movie "Sit, Stay, Ride:  The Story of America's Sidecar Dogs".


Mooloo was on the NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams Thursday night.  They did a brief piece on dogs in sidecars.  I may have to get her an agent...


Here is a link to a T-shirt inspired from Mooloo's appearance in "Sit, Stay, Ride:  The Story of America's Sidecar Dogs":

Best friends enjoying mother nature!

This is my camping chair.


What a beautiful view.

We are all set up and ready to camp!


Check out my new shoes!

Nothing beats the Great Outdoors!

Setting up camp.....I will just sit and watch!


Beautiful day for a bike ride!

2016 I've got another bear up a tree...makes Tes nervous...but reassured they know what they're doing :o)


I'm the first mate ready for the're telling me we have to wait for the rain to stop :o((

Spring/Summer 2016 trip outing, so ready to enjoy Mother Nature :o)


"Camping on Thanksgiving at Superior National Forest" :0)

"This is Mooloo's spot by the stove."


"On the Going to the Sun road" :0)

"Two week trip to Glacier NP.  Her spot on the picnic table in E. Grand Forks."


"Headed to Glacier NP"

"Road trips are the best!" :0)

"Look I am the same color as the ice and snow in the background.  I bet if I ran up there you wouldn't be able to find me!" :0) (Picture taken at Temperance River State Park next to Lake Superior.)


Spent 4 days in Voyageur National Park in a rowboat.

"I love to go out on the lake in the rowboat, it is so peaceful....and i'm so quiet ;0)"


"Here I am modeling the latest swimwear, and boy do I look good! It's a good safety factor to wear life jackets in boats when traveling in areas you don't know...and it's the law for people, so why not protect us ;0)" 

"Check out what is in the tree, today I treed a yearling bear...better be careful and on the look out for others..."


"I love to go backpacking, there is so much to look at and smell." :0)

"I am ready for some more adventures, bring them on!!" :0)

The below shots are for a documentary film being made about sidecar dogs called "Sit, Stay, Ride".