Large Standard Poodle
Soda Pop

Apricot large standard poodle, Soda Pop easily swaps stories with K.  Soda Pop has a most interesting life in the country interacting with the family cat - Kitty, goats, a calf - Calfy and her humans, K, K and N.  There is a river nearby with a variety of native wildlife; Soda and family will be very busy exploring! 

We are excited to watch Soda Pop grow and his personality develop with such a diverse extended family. 

Tracking Soda Pop:

  • 3 mos 20" tall and 25#
  • at 7 weeks 10.4#
  • Born 04/17/2019

I am 3 months old now.  My first haircut brought out my mischievous side.  Tried chasing and herding everybody; goats simply glared at me and I had to back down, what can I say?  I do look adorable and make quite the entrance...


4 LEGS UP - this is one of the four pictures which will win my family Tes' great stainless steel travel mug.  

Being self-aware, I  can also entertain myself:  foot nibbling is a unique sensation...

So many wonderful places to rest up 

Do I have the best humans!  A pool! in which to keep cool.  I'll see how long before the other critters in my family discover it, then it's Play Time


Yes, I see the tennis ball, and, I have a real live one on the other end of this tug toy - my favorite ;o)

I am staking my claim early...this will be the perfect spot during the cold winter months here in Montana.


I am ready for an intro to this bovine. Calfy is familiar with the goats, now all I have to do is win him over with my wonderful personality, which can do!

What, me spoiled?  Sharing time and space with my human and feline friends.  Kitty doesn't usually like dogs, me, she actually plays footsie with.


During the day I like my quiet time in my carrier, for my evening sleeping however I discovered brushing and massage relaxes both me and K and we fall asleep together on the big bed, yay! for me ;o)

I am still a young'un, all that walking and river watching...gotta recharge for my next adventure ;o)


I am only 2 months old and already am walking nicely on my leash, it's nice having N, come along on my trek.

Oh, I have taught my humans my special "potty outside" bark - I am a responsible and considerate large standard poodle

Large Standard Poodle Soda Pop

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