Large Standard Poodles Brown - Connor a Royal

"I'm among the Royal - Large Standard Poodles Brown - Connor, at Cloquet, MN." I totally enjoy playing with the grandkids, boarding dogs, and running with the horses my master trains and boards.

In loving memory of Sabre. You taught me a lot :-)

Tracking Connor:

  • 8 months - 80 lbs and in my 2nd phase of dog obedience school

    On the trail again :-))) I've turned two years old in 2011 and love going on horse camps with my master and friends.


    You can sure tell it's winter in Minnesota!

    Life can be a blur when playing with the grandkids :-)))

    It's MY ducky!


    They're going to need a bigger couch for me to sit on by the time I'm full grown ;-)

    Large Standard Poodles Brown - Connor

    Playing with the boarding dogs is just a great part of my day and their's ;-)


    I'm 6 months old and almost as big as that pony :-))

    I'm getting to love this water! It's great to cool down in, chase frogs and my reflection :-)

    The grandkids are starting to take me for walks on a leash when they want.

    Sabre has definitely taught me the ropes of my new home. My owners share I'm very mellow (that comes from my parents), good mannered and loving...which I do love my owners! They take such great care of me.

    I went on my first trail ride several weeks ago and did great at staying with them and a safe distance from the horses.

    There's something in that water! My reflection? I'm 4 months old now.

    The boys only see their Popsicle :-)

    Sabre and I will chill out from here. Then again there's always the horse waterer for a refreshing drink.

    Here I'm 16 wks old with my master on a gorgeous spring day...and just sittin' around waiting to go out and enjoy the outdoors - Please :-)))

    I'm 3 months old with my friends playing in the sandbox.

    Hmmmm, toys.

    Sabre is my mentor - telling me not to chew up the grain bag.

    Play with me then!

    The cat will, or is she after my toy!

    I guess I'll watch everyone from here...and do come back to see more of my growth over time :-)

    We're at Tes's trying to decide which is going to be our "Connor".

    We've decided :-)))

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