Large Standard Poodle Ginger TX

 Last updated 10/26/20 - Large Standard Poodle Ginger TX at home with WNM in Horshoe Bay, TX. Born to Apricot Enya x Red Dash mating DOB 1/17/20.

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  • DOB 1/17/20

LOVE, Love, LOVE adventure reaching with Dad ;o)

Mom, Dad! Thank You for loving me!!!!

Ginger loves the mountains of Colorado.

Life is good...enjoying adventure or hanging out ;o)

What a BEAUTIFUL spring in the Blue Bonnets of Texas :o) Ginger is loved and truly loving her new family!

I know how to long did you want me to sit?

Ahhh, cooling down in Texas MAKES my day!


AND a good night's sleep gets me going for the day ;o)

I came home with one of Tes's Royal Pet Beds...LOTS of smells to help me transition. That was SOOO nice :o)))


Dad's teaching me how to drive the boat. I can take over any time...but don't you want me to be 1 year old first?

Dad won't be able to hold me like this for very long! Watch me grow...

Hi You :o)))


Do I really have to stay in the basket? AT LEAST I have my Royal Pet Bed to comfort me from Tes's house with lots of smells to help me adjust to my new home :o)

Large Standard Poodle Ginger TX