Large Red Standard Poodles Bebe Honey

Last updated 3/31/21

Large Red Standard Poodles Bebe and Honey. We've certainly grown to become those Royal spoos desired. Parents Enya x Dash 2019.

On 10/22/20 Honey weighed in at 80 lbs and Bebe' at 75 lbs :o)

Honey weighed in at 74.5 and Bebe’ at 67.  Hope you're having a great day.


"The Chair" is shrinking!!! 

"The Chair"



We're out shopping with our bud...aren't we so well behaved?!?!

Pictures are a bit hazy, yet we're pretty pretty trained spoos :o)

Hanging around for the next bone? The next hug, the next...

We're all yours mom :o) Thank You for loving us!!!

Watching "Our" TV - We’re 75 & 72 pounds at 10 months.


Thank Goodness! A master who understands our needs :o)

Bones ‘dem lovely bones!

New bones and our bed from Tes along with my old man Curly making The little Bears, Honey & Bebe’ at home.

I weighed them today and they are 63 (Honey) and 53 (Bebe’) pounds.  

At play & sleep... loved being able to get under the sofa, right under my feet

Good Morning! ‘Dem lovely bones... morning calm w/coffee...and breakfast ;o)

More play!

2nd vet visit: Honey: 39.2lbs Bebe’ 23.7 lbs. Tes can't tell us apart from these pictures. WE'RE SO HAPPY WE HAVE EACH OTHER!!!!

Settling in first week...

The vet visit went perfect of course! I forgot to ask for Lymes Disease year... I’ll get it done on the next visit in 30 days. Fecal ck, no worms, but they came straight from you & I didn’t expect there to be. 

The weight for Honey Bear was 16.8,  Bebe’ 14.8

 As you well know w/standards of any size, they caused quite a stir and many comments of admiration. I’m always giving your website for general dog health... who knows, with all the detailed info & fabulous photos... they may become a Standard convert.

Aug 30th Home Coming! We're riding a 3 hour trip to our new home...yawnnnn, how bonding is that ;o)

Large Red Standard Poodles Bebe Honey Bear pups of Enya x Dash 2019 Spring litter. 

Large Red Standard Poodles Bebe Honey

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