Royal Standard Poodles Happy

Royal black standard poodle Happy lives up to his name.

Aha!  Perfect rounded pillow in the perfect place

Plumb tuckered out.  in style, in color

On a slippery downslope

Tuckered out

Why is it always easier gettting up rather than getting down?

You following me??

I hear something or someone headed my way

Two dogs, one goal: grab the purple

The Royal Black Standard Poodle will win, I predict

Did not know they made denim tree trunks

You can hardly find me! I am safe and secure in his arms while his other "friend" whispers in his ear - does he think I can't hear him?  I mean, I'm literally under his jaw ;0)

Out sniffing around the neighborhood

I am Happy in my human's arms and I love the color of her top.  Hot pink and black are a terrific contrasting combination.

Royal Standard Poodles Happy

Royal Standard Poodles Happy

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