Large Red Standard Poodles Ruby & Black Coal

Updated 03/19/19  (PJ)

Royal Standard Poodle Red Ruby at home in Livingston, NJ. Parents Red Fire x Red Daniel born 06/29/14. "It was love at first sight."

Her owners share: "She is a little bear! We love her so much .

She does her potty outside & has gotten Teko to play with her.  They now play quite a bit together . It is hysterical & we love it!

Thank you for Ruby she is awesome!!!"

Tracking Ruby:

  • 23 months 58 lbs
  • 7   weeks 11.6 lbs

2 yrs old now "Coal dupe" is quite a specimen! He is also very sweet & athletic.

Royal Standard Poodle Black Coal at home in Livingston, NJ. Parents Brown Jasper x Red Daniel born 04/27/15. "They loved Ruby so much they had to come back and get me!"

Tracking Coal:

  • 3-1/4 yrs 76 lbs
  • 25 mo 75 lbs
  • 3 mo 25 lbs
  • 7 wks 12.8 lbs

Here we are on the back patio and Ruby...the sun is so warm...I do believe I am about to nod offff....


At the foot of the bed.  Sometimes a spoo has to retain a bit of decorum and not always lay with their head on the pillow.   Don't want our humans to think we are spoiled ;0)

Ruby and I take our humans out for a lot of hikes in the woods.  To fulfill our reputation of spoos being excellent hunting dogs, Ruby and I have had the pleasure to track and capture chipmunk, raccoon and groundhog in this natural area.

"I think your bone looks better than mine, can I have some?" :0)


"Look how much I have grown!" :0)

"Best Friends" :0)


"Looks like Teko did......this time!" :0)

"Who will win tug of war, Teko or Coal?" :0)


"Spoo snuggle time!"

"Coal and Ruby snuggling up for an afternoon nap....zzz....zzz" :0)


"Picture time for all the spoos, say cheese!"

Royal Standard Poodle Black Coal

"Teko(left)Coal(middle) Ruby(right)"


"Must stretch before I start to run!"

"Look how big I have gotten!" :0)


"Puppy love"

"This long hair comes in real nice when it is cold outside!" :0)


"Look how much I have grown!"

"I am such a beautiful girl!"


"Watch out Teko I am catching up to you!"

"I guess I will just chew on it then!" ;0)


"You take that side Teko and I will chew this side!" :0)

"Hey Teko look at this cool stick I found!"

"I found a stick!!" :0)

"I really like my new sibling her name is Teko, and we love to cuddle together!" :0)

"Will you play with me, please?  I have my bone ready!"


"I am one beautiful red girl, come and watch me grow!" :0)

Large Red Standard Poodle Ruby