FxD Royal Standard Poodles Summer litter 2017

4 Males + 3 Females = 7 Falcon x Daniel pups!

2 Male Brown, 2 Female Brown/Red Phantom/Agouti, 1 Female & 1 Male Black/Red Phantom, 1 Male Brown Phantom

Born 5/7/17 - these will be some beautiful Royals with nice structure and size! That allows puppies to fly out  Monday July 3, 2017 (yes 4th of July weekend)

Next picture updates > 5 wk 6/11/17, 7 wk 6/25/17

Please scroll down to the bottom to watch puppies grow up onto the page as they are added for your enjoyment. 

Tracking F x D puppies:

  • 3 wks old nails clipped
  • 2 wks old Pyrantel deworming (every 2 wks now with Momma)
  • 1 wk old nails clipped
  • 3 days old tails and due claws done. We have our due claws done and tails 1/3 from the tip per AKC breed standards.
  • born 5/7/17


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Hey guys this is GREAT stuff!


It's lick your lips good :0)

Do I have something on my nose? :0)


We learn to eat out of the bowl pretty quick, by our next feeding we will have it down!!

We found the bowl!


This is why we need a bath at 5 weeks, very messy!

Check out our 3 week video and you can see us in action eating our slurry...YUMMY!


We've started to eat slurry, it's a blend of baby rice cereal, buttermilk to prevent diarrhea, a special canned dog food called mousse to help puppies transition and eventually canned dog food will replace the mousse :o) What I call our circle of life :o))

I am the phantom female doing the 4 paws up pose! :0)


Tes gives a tickle on the tummy for this brown phantom agouti

Tes giving the solid brown boy a little tickle on the cheek for a big yawn!


Tes is home from Texas helping Dani with the puppies and getting another load to head back to Texas with.  While she is here she gets to help socialize us, how many puppies can she fit on her lap? :0)

Sniff...Sniff...What is that smell? :0)


Ahhh so relaxing....zzz...ZZZ...zzz

Momma Falcon has plenty of milk for us giving us those tubby bellies!


Puppy Smooches :0)

and a yawn....


A little tickle.....

We get tons of socializing and tons of puppy kisses!


More space is added along with newspaper for us to potty on.  We are so smart that as soon as it was added we started to potty on it! :0)

Seven puppies in a row


Solid Brown Male, Black Phantom Agouti Female, and Black Phantom Male

We are getting tubby bellies!


Puppy snuggles

Dani loves the coloring on my head!


I am a solid brown boy, look how much I have grown!

We sleep where we fall...zzz...ZZZ...zzz


Solid brown male and Black phantom male taking a nap :0)

Above pictures we're going on 2 wks then 3 wks as our eyes open and we start to get our legs underneath us...it's the 4 paws up! :o) Temps are being dialed down...


 Above > Here you can see the back of the Agouti and below shows a picture of the face.

I am the female Phantom/Agouti, look at my beautiful multi coloring!


I am the only male brown phantom! :0)

I am a black phantom, but if you look close you can see I have red tints on the back of my head!


Look at those bellies!!! Growing FAST!

Hey that was my spot!


Look at our tubby tummies! 

Solid Brown Male dreaming of that nummy milk :0)


Puppy pile! Temps are slowly being dropped where Dani needs to keep them coming together for warmth that Falcon can lay around them :o)

1 Female Black/Red Phantom and 1 Male Black/Red Phantom 


There are 2 Brown Males.

Suckle, suckle...the many ways to suckle...and sleep to look like it ;o)


The 2 female Phantom/Agouti pups.

Working that nummy nummy milk out!


Puppy Love :0)

Two butts and a head...hmm ;0)


At 3 days old we're keeping warm in Dani's bedroom she has warmed up to 76 degrees as we don't have any body regulation yet, a temperature controlled heating pad is underneath a wool blanket. Wool blankets wick away any moisture that come from us, keeping us dry and warm. Dani will change them to show different colors in viewing your colorful pups in the coming weeks :o)

Momma Falcon is so comfy! She's sure resting up ;o) 1 of the 2 female Brown/Red Phantom/Agouti

Big stretch, Oohhhhh, Aahhhh, 1 Male Brown/Red Phantom ;o)


Found the perfect spot, between Momma Falcon's legs....zzz...ZZZ...zzz...2 Females are Brown/Red Phantom/Agouti

Here's what we do best...zzzzz...zzzzz...nummy nummy...zzzz...left to right there's 1. Black/Red Phantom, 2. Brown/Red Phantom, 3. Brown/Red Phantom/Agouti (black tips on brown), 4. Black/Red Phantom


Happy, happy :o) A Black/Red Phantom puppy...1 male, 1 female in this color.

1 day old puppies still have their tails, and she is being very loving by being the instinctive Momma by licking them as they can't potty normally on their own without licking to stimulate the function.


Falcon's first puppy was born! What the customers miss out on, we hope to bring to you in pictures and story boards...our protocol up to 3 wks of age is to provide a quiet atmosphere bringing a calmer pet for you :0) They do not hear, or have sight yet...only feeling vibrations from around them...keeping all calm and relaxed for Momma Falcon is ESSENTIAL to the vibrations felt by the puppies.

* Puppy JUST born!*

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