Extra Large Standard Poodle Moose

Moose is an Extra Large Standard Poodle known as a Phantom because of his unique color combination.  He is a mixture of brown and apricot.  His parents are Brown Falcon II x Brown Daniel.  He was born 05/07/2017

He is at home in Greensboro, NC where he enjoys both turf and surf.

Currently just shy of 8 months old.  Big enough to take up a whole person space on the couch, and with my bone, I am one happy poodle.  My humans share:  I love to talk! and cuddle, (sometimes), and I draw an admiring crowd wherever we go.

I am independent by nature and I make my own decisions, (like about when, where, with whom and for how long) I will cuddle.  Being smart is a true responsibility!

I really like going places in the car and even get my own napkin when we stop for munchies.  Did you happen to notice the maturity on my face? I am now 6 months and 1 week.  I think I am losing that baby face...


And I super enjoy my regular outings.  Look at me here at the beach.  At 5 months and 2 weeks, I continue growing into that soon to be extra large poodle.

As you plainly see, I am quite acrobatic.  I Love chasing squirrels - fair notice is hereby given:  you come into my yard, I get to chase you :-) I am 5 months and 1 week of age.

I appreciate the different textures my humans provide for my quadra-pedal experience.  Patterned brick or soft green lawn.. ooh, I can have both.

I am now 9 weeks old and firmly believe I will grow into this food bowl. ;0)    My fancy colors really are evident in this photo.

And here I am sitting in the car ready to go anywhere with my humans,  F & R.  I am still 8 weeks old and believe I can manage the wheel.  You feel secure with me driving don't you?


Hello, I am Moose.  So named I imagine because of my huge paws which no doubt I will grow into.  Here I am stretched out full length at 8 weeks of age.

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