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2 oz Dr. Ben's Ear Mite Treatment

List Price: $ 20.00

Product Code: WS100

Wild Stallion Ear Treatment: Neutralizes and kills mites, bacteria, fungus' and other ear problems.
Wild Stallion ear-Neutralizer is made from 100% natural ingredients. 


Ear Mite Treatment:
Ear mites can be dispatched easily and quickly. The first issue is to Kill the mites, neutralize them quickly. Put 4 drops in each ear then put a few drops on a soft cloth and clean the ear thoroughly. Recommended use is three times your first day, then use as needed.

Ear Infection Treatment:
Put 4 drops in each ear canal, then with a soft clean cloth put a few drops and clean out the ear thoroughly. Use 3 times daily to neutralize & stop infection. Continue using until you see the results you want to achieve.

Ear wash:

Clean ears are less susceptible to infection. Remember to clean your animals ears daily and especially when they get wet from bathing or swimming. Keep the ears clean – remove debris, wax and dust from the animal’s ears using the ear-Neutralizer. Use as often as needed.



This Cedar Oil formulation is for application on Dogs, cats and other animals.

First Time Cat Users: IT IS RECOMENDED THAT YOU APPLY A SMALL AMOUNT TO ONE OF THE REAR LEGS OF YOUR CAT PRIOR TO A COMPLETE APPLICATION.  Some cats react differently then others and will lick off the entire solution.  When this happens they may get an upset stomach and start vomiting, trying to rub it off, then looking lethargic.  If this should happen make sure you give them plenty of water. Some cat owners will wait a while and try to repeat the process to see if their cat will recognize the aroma and not want to lick it off again.  If you do decide to continue applying the product you are doing so at your own risk of them licking it off again. …Make sure not to get in eyes.


Recommended by PRUDENT VET'S, HOLISTIC VETS, GROOMERS, TOP BREEDERS, ANIMAL SHELTERS, KENNELS AND 1000’s of dog owners around the world as a replacement to Synthetic Chemical SPOT DROP PET MEDS that could compromise your pets immune system and promote dry skin, itching sensations, erratic behavior, convulsions, illness and premature death. DO NOT USE ON OR AROUND RABBITS, MICE, RATS, FARROTS, GINNIE PIGS, EXOTIC BIRDS

Product Uses:

Formulated for the Animal Health Industry for control of flying and burrowing insects common to our pets. Treatment will provide OFF LIMIT (repel) protection from Flies, Fleas, Mosquitoes, Mites, Lice and numerous other pests for approx. 3 hours. Approved for use on newborn offspring and there nursing mother. This product will successfully control Ear Mites, Mange Mites, Burrowing Mange Mites and Head and Goat Lice. Helps control for yeast and bacterial infections of the ear canal and ear mites

Where to Use:

Around the tail, back, underneath, ears, legs, paws. Spray in your hands and wipe around face area. Can also be sprayed around bedding area. Treatment for mange mites and burrowing mange mites spray on liberally several times per day for 1 or 2 days. For ear mites spray 2 to 3 times per day in ear canal until you see the results you want to obtain.

How to Use:

Spray on or pour in hands and rub into hair gently. Apply a liberal amount when going for a walk or to the park all over your pet.  Spray in hands and then apply around face area.  Do Not get in eyes or mouth.

When to Use:

Use at first sign of insects or when going out doors for walks to the park. You want to thoroughly check for any insects when returning to make sure you have not picked up any hitch hikers (Insects). If any should appear spray directly on insect.


About the formulation:

Dr. Ben’s Paw & Claws  formulation is a safe and effective natural insecticidal formula, insect neutralizer and repellant that is made from a proprietary natural formula which contains Cedar Oil and hydrated Silica.   Essential oils, especially Cedar Oil iare known for their potent insecticidal capabilities and pheromone diffusion.

According to leading entomologists, the fleas, ticks, bed bugs and their eggs around the world are growing more and more  resistant to synthetic chemical pesticide treatments promoted by local and national exterminators and Veterinarians  In addition, a growing number of university and independent researchers publicly warn against excessive use of Pyrethroid-based products for consumer use.

How Does Dr. Ben’s Paw & Claws  formulation Kill, neutralize or repel Insects?

Dr. Ben’s Paw & Claws  formulation does not neutralize insects by poisoning. But act in one or a combination of the following ways to kill them:

(1) Osmotic Dehydration Dr. Ben’s Paw & Claws  formulation leaches the insects body from moisture and dehydrates them

(2) Prevention of Breathing: By irritating the respiratory system of the insects, especially those with high olfactory nature, Dr. Ben’s Paw & Claws  formulation forces insects to avoid breathing, shutting down to avoid the extremely powerful irritants and thus committing suicide,

(3) Pheromonal Interference: that interrupts and attacks the octopamine neuro-receptors, crucial for neurotransmitter’s regulation of metabolism, movement, feeding, reproduction and behavior.

(4) Dissolving Insect Eggs, Larvae, Pupae, and Eroding the Exoskeleton and Cuticle of Adult Insects, thus exposing the inner delicate parts of the insects for demise,

Therefore, theoretically and practically, the majority of insects which come into contact with this formulation will either become overwhelmed and die or simply move on to another area. Furthermore, there is no mechanism by which any insect can develop resistance to our cedar oil formulations. That is why insects exposed to the effects of Dr. Ben’s Paw & Claws will no doubt, sooner or later die or flea the area including the next three generational phases: Eggs, Larvae and Pupae. 

What Are the Ingredients of Dr. Ben’s Paw & Claws ?

It contains a unique formula base that is known as the Nature’s Ultimate Miracle, Cedar Oil FIFRA 25(B)

Hydrated Silica is an abundant natural resource from Quartz and or other natural minerals. It is a 4A inert ingredient and approved FDA food grade product.

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