Royal Standard Poodles JxD Black Spartacus

Updated 2/11/15

Spartacus is my joyful culmination of doing my best to create A Perfect World stud. At 8 months old his personality is oh so handsome and charming! Spartacus now lives with his new family in Allison, IA and couldn't be happier!

Tracking Spartacus:

  • 1 year 74#, 28" withers
  • 8 mo 68#
  • 7mo 61# 6oz, 25" withers
  • 5 mo 53# 8oz, 24" withers
  • 4 mo 42#, 20 1/4 withers
  • 7 wks 12 #, 4 oz
  • Born 9/26/14, parents are Brown Jasper x Red Daniel.

"I enjoy watching my mom work."


"Look how tall I have become, I am one Handsome boy!"

"I enjoy watching TV with my Mom and Dad, is Lassie on?" :0)


"I Love to bounce my ball and catch it, Woo Hoo!"

His owners share: "Spartacus was SO GOOD with Lennox, Tes.   I was SO PROUD of him!  He would just watch for her...and when I walked baby around the room Spartacus would walk with us.  We gave him LOTS of LOVE too, just to make sure he knew the baby was not taking his place, but only a visitor. 


"Here I am by the south window in the kitchen area.  When the driveway alert goes off, I know someone is entering our yard.  So I hop up on the ball that Dad and Mom bought when they went on their vacation (before they got me)." :0)  

 "I am watching a blue jay!   First the yard was covered with black birds and then a few blue jays were here too!  I am very alert to birds and anything outside....I watch for Mom so she can work in the dining room and kitchen and let her know if something is exciting for her to come see!" 

"I was groomed and perfumed....AND Dad and Mom bought a new toy for me!" 


"Playing bounce the ball AND Catching it!"

"I am such a great helper, whether it be with dad on the computer or with mom out in the garden!"

"I have arrived at my forever home, Woo Hoo!" :0)

"Here is my 7 month old mug shot, what a face!"


"Grandpa Bruno showing me the ropes!"

"Grandpa Bruno is also fun to play with, I think in no time at all I will be as big as he is!"

"Grandpa Bruno come play with me!"


"Getting closer to that Royal size...."

"I think we look alike, don't you?" :0)


"Sneak attack!"

"I am almost as big as my Dad! WOO HOO!!"

"Dad (Daniel) and I love to play outside, and look how much bigger I am!"


"Will you throw the ball for me?" :0)

"The snow won't stop me from playing, Woo Hoo!"


"Beaut and I have become great friends, we love to take our naps together!"

"We all love to cuddle with Bruno, he makes a great pillow!"


"Here I am with my Grandpa Bruno, I hope I get to be as big as him some day...." :0)

"Look at my huge paws!"


"Nap time for the spoos."

"I am going to grow up to be a ROYAL boy!"


"My 7 week old mug shot."