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Royal Standard Poodles Feedback by customers

9/3/16 All top 10 scores. Any expectations I had were met and surpassed. We felt immediately comfortable from the beginning. TI did what was agreed, including openness and flexibility. We were pleased and impressed with your establishment, cleanliness, thoroughness and business prowess. It is obvious you love all of your dogs and the homes adopting them. Thank You!! TR

6/28/16  All top 10 scores. Information on her website was comprehensive and assuring. Tes emailed responses to my questions quickly and answered fully. My Friend who bought a spoo from another breeder was totally impressed by Tes' communication and information. He said that he wished he had that comprehensive information when he bought his dog. He was also extremely impressed with Yoshi as was our vet. LT

3/26/16 All top 10 score. We appreciated Tes's expertise and hospitality! MB 

2/17/16 we received an email from Max's owner in Australia: 

Tes, From the first day MAX arrived, I could not believe how amazing he behaved. He never made mess inside the house. His gentle behavior surprises other people when I take him out for walk in the park or at the street. He has never showed any signs of aggressiveness or tried to pull me while we on walk. He is very loving, showed a lot of happiness, always ready to please and got to understand commands very quickly.

 Thank you for the amazing dog. I have received much more that I have expected.

6/9/15 All top 10 score:  I have really enjoyed Tes's expertise and guidance, a great experience! MC

3/20/15 All top 10 score:  We had a great experience working with Tes.  We appreciate her in depth knowledge of the breed and her well organized manner in caring for the dogs and preparing them for their new owners.  BG

11/17/15 All top 10 score: Always available, and always pleasant. KS

11/23/14 All top 10 score: A Fantastic process from start to finish! The care and knowledge of dogs/poodles far exceeded our expectations. JB

11/23/14 All top 10 score: This is our second puppy from TI and we are so happy with both. CS

11/22/14 All top 10 score: Tes is a pro with a huge heart and wonderful poodles. I hope to shout I am half at least as good an owner! WG

11/14/14 All 10 score:  Thank you Tes!  It's obvious you care about what you do, and most importantly, about the health and welfare of your breeding dogs and their offspring.  You are a very special and loving person! TA

8/14/14 I must share - his personality is incredible!  Mike & I were a little apprehensive in what to expect from him, as our Zeus was nearly human to us and we loved that and so dearly hoped Nico would be a little that way too.  Well...happily Nico has exceeded our expectations!  It's gotta be " big poodle " DNA, we just do not see the same behavior and personalities in our other "standard" standards. 

I do recall in our very first emails with you last year when we asked if  "Touche" had personality...and your reply was ... " oh Yes..".  LIttle did we know how wonderfully his personality would develop.  And we must give a fair share of credit to You and your breeding style, because you offer these pups a  solid foundation of good genes and health, an environment to explore as young puppies and the confidence to grow on.  Thank You. BL

6/16/14 All 10 score: Thanks Tes for bringing an amazing pup into my family's lives! Surly is awesome. I appreciate ALL the knowledge on your website. It is helping me to raise a healthy obedient poodle. CG

6/8/14 All 10 score: Tes has done everything with high quality. Her breeding has produced high quality pups. Dealing with tes has been very positive and very professional.

5/9/14 All 10 rating: Loved the weekly updates that way I could take it in manageable chunks. CB

5/19/14 All 10 score: ...comments you'd like to share? Yes, my vet was so impressed he asked for your website information! Wonderful experience from start to finish could not be happier with Trey! AP

5/9/14 All 10 score: Web site is very helpful and updated...information we received was always accurate and timely, I am a former breeder and this experience was exactly what was promised. Then, the puppy far exceeded any expectations we had. A professional experience linked to a very personal touch. We absolutely love our puppy. She arrived in excellent condition. Our vet was very impressed with her condition and the quality of the dog. This was an excellent experience from start to finish. Than You Tes for your hard work in delivering a quality experience and a happy, housebroken, heathy puppy.

10/10/13 All 10 score: We have nothing but respect and admiration for TI. She is the ultimate professional. The process of purchasing a Royal was a real pleasure. M&JG

9/17/13 All 10 score: Tes could not have bee more clear, perfect in helping me understand what steps needed to be taken. Sophie is exactly the puppy I dreamed of. Thank You for raising her so well. Tes was always honest and transparent. She breeds dogs the way in which every responsible breeder should. Truly a model breeder, with amazing, smart, beautiful puppies. Our puppy has not even had an accident in the house. She is so loving and comfortable. Thank you Tes. CA

6/12/13 All 10 score: TI knows her stuff. She has healthy dogs that are well adjusted and she shares this information to keep them that way. Very nice dogs in a home atmosphere. KN

3/22/13 Our family purchased a royal standard poodle in December from Tes. We could not have been more pleased with her professionalism and willingness to work with us to get the exact pup we were looking for. We absolutely LOVE our new addition to the family. A very affectionate dog with tons of personality. When you look at him, because of his size, it almost seems as though he is human! And what a delightful one at that. The training period went well and asks now to go outside. He is very energetic and still a puppy of course. We are excited for spring and can’t wait to take him on our nightly bike rides. We have another elderly miniature poodle that he has taken to, and likes to give him a run for his money once in awhile. Otherwise, he is very gentle around him. He likes to sit in our laps and always has to be up against someone to know their presence. He is a real people person kind of dog, there is no doubt about that! I would do it again in a second! KB

3/12/13 I just wanted to share with you the joy, we are experiencing with our little apricot female that we named Lady Myralyn.  She not only is very healthy across the charts with each visit to the veterinarian, but definitely of royal statue.  Her temperament is definitely a delight.  Everyone who meets her remarks on her intelligence.  As you no doubt already know, standard poodles are highly intelligent, so many blessings await you if you determine to purchase a  royal standard poodle from Tes.  I am one to research completely a decision as important as acquiring a new member of your family.  This is exactly the decision you are making.  Tes, in my estimation, is perfection when it comes to breeding.  She delivers a healthy, well bred royal poodle with excellent credentials.  As a family, we have purchased two royal standard poodles from her.  Entirely different parents.....both outstanding.  I also believe that Tes is a straight shooter in the arena of discussing your individual pet's personality.  You can trust her completely to disclose every aspect of what she has witnessed concerning your chosen offspring.  

The first poodle we purchased for our daughter has grown into an absolute beauty.  She has the classic show-stopping features and stance of her mother, but the royal size of her father.  Her temperament exactly as Tes described to us, shy but settled into my daughter's home as majestic in every way at a year old.  She shares my daughter's home with an apricot male standard who is seven years old.  They love to play and run together!

Our second purchase from Tes for my husband and I, offspring of Cleopatra and Daniel is now five months of age.  An alpha personality, as she until the 7th week was the largest in the litter of ten.  She continues to, in growth, steadily surpass her parents at their same age in height, but not in weight.  All who meet her remark about her beauty.  Everyone is so excited with her "big girl" show haircut!  Such an elegant, feisty little girl.  We love her so!  She is now tall enough to reach everything on the counter tops, so imperative that she be obedient, which she is...

My message to you I hope has come through clearly.  Tes is the best breeder, I've encountered.  You can trust her completely.  She is absolutely thorough with every detail concerning her personal poodles and their offspring.  Tes knows that each pet is unique.  As the owner, the leader of the pack, we must be aware, responsible and willing to be taught by our new member of the family, with the ultimate result of mutual respect. MA

2/26/13 Score Card completion > all 10's - Typically I'm skeptical about dealing with people I have not met face to face; however, I immediately developed a comfort level with Tes having spoken with her over the phone for the first time. There was sincerity in her voice that assured me I could trust her. From that moment on dealing with her has been a complete pleasure. I shared with her my desires and she worked very hard to meet them.

I found Tes to be thoughtful, respectful, sincere and most importantly trustworthy. She has a passion for the poodles and is very knowledgeable. She had me so excited about getting my puppy you would have thought I was adopting a new baby. Her passion and excitement is infectious. I will definitely recommend Tes to others interested in Royal Poodles. I found her to be the Best!!!! And for me it all started with her website. SN

2/23/13 Score Card completion > all 10's -Purchasing a dog from Tes was a wonderful experience. She wants the best for her poodles. DB

12/5/12 Score Card completion > all 10's - "Appreciated her communication with puppy updates. Tes is a highly experienced breeder of standards. Her attention to detail and wanting to make sure her puppies go to good homes is honorable. We love our new little puppy!" MD

8/31/12 Score Card completion > all 10's - Very good communications and follow through. Visits were always fun and Tes gracious. A thorough evaluation of parents for genetic disorders was done. Opened home for prospective buyers to meet her dogs and see her setup which is very dog friendly. Available to buyers after purchase. My visits were thoroughly enjoyable and I had access to all dogs. Tes has a wonderful friendly and accommodating personality, a joy to work with! KF

5/7/12 Score Card completion > all 10's - TI did a great job raising the puppies for first eight weeks, my puppy has no fears whatsoever. CAB

5/2/12 Score card > all 10's *appreciate the updates on status of puppies and information on time line of acquiring puppy. *Informative with care instructions for puppy. *Very friendly and easy to contact with questions. *Great breeding facility (home).DR

4/27/12 I've researched a lot of breeders! TI was utterly phenomenal for being knowledgeable, accessible and helpful. She truly cares about her animals more than the $! What a refreshing find! Her patience, caring and attention to detail are unmatched! MS

4/3/12 Score Card completion > all 10's - All questions answered, very quick reply to all questions, always friendly, Yes, she worked with me to get what I wanted, Great Experience! Very knowledgeable on poodles! MM

3/2/12 I would be happy to give you a reference, to anyone here in MN. The can sure meet Otis too. Thanks for everything! TR

2/23/12 The vet was very impressed with her (Belle)! He said that you must be one of the better breeders in the country as he has not seen a young animal in so good a shape, with such a good disposition, and already learning commands...she is absolutely a wonderful dog! Her disposition is fantastic, and she is simply so regal! I have always had mutts since I was a little boy, so this is my first purebred and I am very, very impressed. My wife has had a standard poodle when she was a little girl, and she is even more impressed than I am! Again, you have been an absolute pleasure to work with, I would recommend you as a breeder to anyone, and be happy to provide a reference. RVS

5/1/11 This was meant to be, and flawless from beginning to end. Bodhi is delightful in every way and the entire process was clear, concise, and truthful - "Thus all the 10's" (evaluation of TI). We would highly recommend TI to anyone looking for a family member! - LF

4/18/11 The purchase process was clear and thorough and all questions were answered as they came up. All efforts were made to make the transition easy for all of us. It was a great experience. - CF

7/8/10 We just brought Roscoe home yesterday. He is so calm yet loved to play and go for walks. He already walks well on a leash and whines and heads toward the door when he has to potty. I'm amazed! It is obvious to me that Tes worked with him and loved him before he came to us. I really think the home raised environment is helpful in potty training because he wants to go outside. He slept in our room and the hall last night with no accidents. I am very impressed with Tes' knowledge and the whole set up. She is a very kind person and was wonderful to work with. Thanks so much for such a great experience and such a loving dog! - KN

6/15/2010 Tes was amazing. She knows so much about the breed and is always willing to answer questions. I would recommend her to everyone who was even thinking about buying a Standard Poodle. - AR

4/18/2010 We are very pleased with Tes, and she was always there with answers to all of our questions. We couldn't be happier with our choice to buy our newest little family member from Falcon Services. Thanks for everything and for your concern on placing your puppies with good families. Brody is doing so well! With great appreciation - SH

7/14/09 None of us are "perfect" but this experience was as close as it could be. Tes really listened to my questions and concerns and answered everything very thorough. We are so pleased with our puppy and it is very obvious that she was loved and well taken care of at Tes' before she came to our home. This could not have really gone any smoother. Thank You! DC

7/4/09 Thank you for letting me purchase one of your beautiful poodles. LT

7/2/09 Tes is a delightful person, very organized and clearly loves the poodles. We are very happy with our black Royal Sadie. She is outgoing, has adapted to our lifestyle right away and loves to run in the yard, play with new toys and even enjoys puppy training. Great dog! B&JS

Royal Standard Poodles - Customer Feedback

9/7/08 I found Tes to be very pleasant and easy to communicate with. She was forthcoming with all questions and details about our puppy. If I should get another puppy in the future, she'll be the first one I contact! RA

8/7/2008 Tes was very helpful during all phases of buying our new puppy...answering all of my many questions...great attitude at all times! DG

Royal Standard Poodles - Customer Feedback

10/11/2007 Tes was efficient, prompt and a great business woman. We were so pleased with all of her help, answering of questions and her honesty. She went above and beyond, and it was evident to us that she gave our dog a lot of love before he came to our family! JMB

9/16/07 Best most well-organized internet transaction I have ever had! This was the most completely informed, well organized internet transaction I have ever participated in. Tes clearly loves what she does, and she takes every precaution to make certain that the transaction unfolds flawlessly from initial contact to final delivery and beyond. Communication is thoughtful, open and responsive. Most importantly, our new puppy is even more beautiful, happy and loving than words or pictures could ever describe. JUST EXACTLY PERFECT! NJC

9/15/07 Service Dog--Scorecard returned survey comments: 1. Did the agent help you understand what steps needed to be taken? *I had a clear picture of what the dog's needs would be and what that meant. 2. If anything; did the agent fully answer your question/s of what you didn't understand? *and continues to answer questions as they come up. 3. Was the agent courteous and friendly at all times? *I would add enthusiastic. She has a product to be proud of and it is reflected by her entire personality. 4. Did the agent do what was agreed? *and more! She went out of her way to make the dog easily available to me--Thank you Tes. 5. Would you recommend Falcon Services to others? *Tes takes her dogs very personally--they are family.

When it comes to selling a dog or pup it is done with the utmost professionalism. It is not just a transaction, it is a supported transaction. Tes wants to see her dogs succeed in happy homes! AA

Royal Standard Poodles - Customer Feedback

08/01/07 This experience with Falcon Services was a learning experience. It was wonderful to go to Tes' home and learn about the poodle I wanted. Because of Tes I know how to take care of my wonderful new friend. Thanks Tes, AB

06/03/07 Tes made our poodle purchases enjoyable and easy. She was very thorough with the information and background on each of our pupppies and provided photographs of them throughout our transaction. Tes clearly handles her dogs with great compassion both physically and emotionally so we were very confident that the puppies that we were receiving were under the best of care. We could not be happier! JB

Royal Standard Poodles - Customer Feedback

9/12/06 "When buying our first dog, we were a little hesitant to purchase from someone we'd never met, much less someone across the country. After my first phone conversation with Tes, our concerns were no more. Tes Helped us each step of the way. She always answered every question we had, no matter what. She is very well organized and you can tell she truly loves poodles. Thank you Tes for your continued support and for our four-legged addition to our family. When we're ready for another one, we know who to call! JS 


*"Our experience with Tes and Falcon Services was outstanding! We are first time poodle owners and Tes took us through every detail we needed to know, as a result we felt very comfortable when it was time to bring our puppy home. Tes is such a caring and principled breeder that we believe this is why our “Mighty Quinn” is such an exceptional puppy!!! Well adjusted-Friendly-Smart-and Loving!!" SB

*"I was favorably impressed with your breeding set-up and obvious delight with your dogs." DD

*"It was a pleasure working with you! You demonstrated honesty, integrity and kindness as well as being very helpful and professional! Malachi is a wonderful and beautiful pup, and we enjoy having him as a part of our family! Thanks so much!" KM

*"I am so thankful to have him in my life as he's a very special dog and good company. George is handsome, intelligent, sweet, gentle, and social--he loves to play with Lily (my daughter's standard poodle). You raise special dogs and do a good job!" GL

*"...he's such a wonderful dog!  George has never chewed up any of my furniture and has a loving sweet disposition.  My children and grandchildren were staying here for a week and he blended in.  In fact, every morning he still goes from room-to-room looking for the kids to see if they've returned.  He gets along well with kids. ... How was I so lucky -- you picked the right dog for me -- he's a wonderful companion.  Thanks." GL

Royal Standard Poodles - Feedback