Royal Standard Poodles Brown Carlo

Updated 8/4/17 (TI)

Carlo's 11 yrs old 2/2/17, click link below:

Carlo's 11 yr old Facebook video for viewing :o)

A dog and his's this way -

Royal Standard Poodles Brown Carlo at home in Baltimore, Maryland. A 90# Royal boy I am!

Is it that way?

We were right it's that way.


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  • Sis asked brother to draw a hand and be creative...

    Fun in the sun and sand :0)


    Family - can't live without their love.

    Ahhhh, the setting sun on another great day :o)))


    Where'd everybody go? I'll take one ;o)

    Ah yes, out on the water in OC :o) Life is great being loved...

    And we just keep growing!!!

    Look how much we have all grown!


    Carlo the reindeer :0)

    No I am not stuck!


    Come on girl, we have some walkin to do! :0)

    We LOVE the snow in OC! :0)

    He'll give me the moon if he could!


    Poodle Selfie

    Out on the beach, ahh feel that breeze!


    Time for a swim!

    Part of the family, watching the festivities! :0)


    A girl and her dog...:0)

    We make a great team


    I wore them out :0)

    Off on a walk with my two favorite kids!


    Getting older but still just as handsome :0)

    "We need more snow for me to run in!"


    "Let's howl for fun!"

    "This looks like a good spot!"


    Boys having fun :0)

    "I think I need a hair cut!" :0)


    Christmas 2015

    "Mom! My antler fell down!"


    "In this picture it almost looks like I have a white beard!" :0)

    "Hope Santa comes we've been good this year!"


    "Time to sing some Christmas songs and dance!"

    "Strike a pose!" :0)


    "After a bath I like to dry off in the sun!" :0)

    This is what I call the "I didn't do it look" :0)


    "Bless you Carlo!" :0)

    "Well since the kids are sitting I better sit too!"


    "Wow look at all the people here! What FUN!"

    "Time for all of us to get blessed!"


    "Time to get cleaned up!"

    "Oh man guys really, a bath?!?" :0)


    "Woo Hoo Let's go FASTER!"

    "Enjoying the ride!"


    "Don't we make a great pair?" :0)

    "A day on the boardwalk"


    "A girl and her dog..."

    "I make a wonderful pillow!" :0)

    "I suppose I will take a nap as well...."


    "ZZZ.....ZZZZ....ZZZ" :0)

    "I love hugs!"


    "Hey are you going to come look at this...." :0)

    "WOW, look at that!"


    "Love" :0)

    "Hanging out with Santa, you are Santa right?" :0)


    "Don't I look dashing in antlers?"

    2014 Christmas Carlo is now 8 yrs old. Lots of Love to keep us going many more years :o))


    Carlo is 6 yrs old this 2012. This is love in a true family :0)))

    "I love my family!"


    "Wait for it........"

    "On your mark........"


    "Get set......."

    "GO!!!" :0)


    *Royal Standard Poodles Brown Carlo

    "On your mark."


    "Get set."


    "This is my owner, he looks pretty darn happy!"

    "That breeze makes me want to smile!"

    "This is the best life a dog could ever have!"


    "This is the best spot on the entire boat, Hey aren't you getting in?" :0)

    "This looks like a great spot for the captain of this boat to sit." :0)


    "Look over here, there is something in the water!" :0)

    "A day out flying kites....Woo Hoo!"


    "We're not in trouble are we?" :0)

    "Boy I sure do look good after I get my haircut."


    "But, then again I am pretty cute shaggy too!"

    "I love spending time with my siblings, they sure keep me busy!"

    "That sure looks good, can I have some, please?


    "Look I am waiting so patiently for some!" :0) the beginning I recommended a small pony...


    ...a nice boat for me to ride will do :0))))

    Halloween - I can sing a song for a trick AND treat :0)))

    *Royal Standard Poodles Brown Carlo

    He's my best bud!

    ...Staying warm in a snowy Winter..

    My master thinks I need a he coming to get me? I'll be 6 yrs old in 2012!

    This is my favorite big sister taking me for a sleigh ride :0) I've come a long way since the horse riding days :0))

    Didn't you know - I'll be bringing Christmas gifts in 2011 :-)

    *Royal Standard Poodles Brown Carlo

    He'll cough me up - just wait and see ;0)


    A four legs up kinda guy - no modesty ;0)

    Watch me, Royal Standard Poodles Brown Carlo, grow and love and live!

    **Royal Standard Poodles Brown Carlo

    Christmas 2010 - Hopefully you get to learn this look...the elf in the background... ;0) I'm going on 5 yrs old.

    I do light up their life and bring the best out of them ;0)

    Family time together...heading out for a big time.

    I've got his back :0)

    Carlo knows the way, let him oar!

    Ahhh, which was our boat?

    Inside the boat, I must have worn them out :0) The love of family time :0)))


    Merry Christmas 2009! I'm among Royalty ;0)

    Christmas week 2009 East coast snow storm - Wooowee!


    "Well, I've grown since the first boat pictures...and so has our boat :0) I'm 3 years old now."

    "...and I'm swimming better than ever."


    "See, I can even retrieve sticks in the water!"

    "Well, the family has grown too, now I have a brother - of the human kind! Wish I had another Brown Carlo like bud to help me play with these kids!"

    *Royal Standard Poodles Brown Carlo

    Catching a nap between all the fun ;0))


    "They still haven't gotten her that pony yet ;0)"

    "Don't tell me poodles aren't good with children :0)"


    "Our wedding pictures below :0)))"

    Look at me! What a profile :0)


    Below I'm swimming - I LOVE to swim!

    What I, Royal Standard Poodles-Brown Carlo, look like before and after my morning coffee :0)

    There-now I'm set for the day :0)))


    He loves me so much he decided to take me boating some more, this time on the ocean. We're a team!


    My ride is going to grow...

    ...and grow...and grow!

    She needs to get a new ride! A pony-soon!!!


    A bath, need I say more?

    My owner went out for a 4th of July party ... so I decided to have my own :0)

    Did my owner have his own 4th of July fireworks? I don't know, I didn't see any :0)))

    But the pillow stuff left me with a hang over ;0)))

    Brown Carlo 8 weeks old at 15# enjoys his new view and is totally willing to provide a helping paw...or 4 :0)

    Until we see you again ;0)

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