Royal Standard Poodles - Black Brody

Last Updated 5/4/16

Royal Standard Poodles-Black Brody at home in Eagle River, Alaska of parents Falcon x Jupiter with half brother "Cisco" from a sister of Falcon's (no longer breeding). Here in Alaska we get LOTS of Exercise in the beauty blessed us.

Now, Tes here. I have never seen nature so beautiful as these Brody's owner sends me. My mouth always drops with awe at the beauty of the land he lives in - Alaska. We hope you enjoy them as much as I do :-)

Drying off after a good swim, feels sooo good ;o)

The band of 3! We oh so love playing and having fun together, Thank You for taking us places to swim, run and all that you do for us ;o)

"New Years Eve has wore me out!" :0)


"We are ready for some fresh snow, no more snow balls in our hair!" :0)

"After a swim in the river I like to dry myself in the sun!" :0)
"Getting older but still just as handsome!"

"I am sitting on the couch watching an old Lassie tv show. Any show with a dog in it, I'm game! :0)"


"Sittin' with my pals enjoying the sun is always the best way to spend a day :0)"

Enjoying this country provides us Discipline, watchful of the beauty around us...

...and Mom provides the Affection we oh so cherish :0)))

Mom is ready to love us with exercise and discipline...believing you get all you need too!


Grooming is a part of that...oh so handsome...

We have a new buddy joining us, a parti poodle joining the pack, ready to exercise and play with us in this beautiful country. Watch him grow :0)

Here we have winter 2010 and me, Brody, in black and white :-)


Here, I Cisco, am in brown and white :-))))

Almost a "4 Legs UP" :0)


Another stick adventure...follow me, no, you follow me...come on you two "FOLLOW ME!" mom hollers ;0)

How come there are no sticks in here????



"Mom loves us and watches over us real good! This is THE place!"

He's my bro man!


Caution - not for the faint of heart!

How did she do that?


Alaska - BEAUTIFUL and always time for a swim :-)

The following picture story lines are from our party celebrating one year of my life in Alaska with my fabulous masters and family!


I, Royal Standard Poodles-Black Brody, insist on watching Avatar in 3D.

Cisco joins Brody, after a few minutes he asks to watch something else.


Cisco wants to see a Frontier adventure (raccoon Daniel Boone hat ;-).

Xena wants to watch a Western.


Brody considers a silent Valentino movie. The dogs can't agree so Brody asks to go for a ride.

Let's do some chuckin' an' flingin'.


Cisco wants to give a gift to his Bro.

Ahhh, what a way to end a great day - refreshment for another great year to come :-))) This is a blanky purchased from Tes's pet beds helping the four legs up ;0)


Royal Standard Poodles-Black  Brody, large


"We're Waiting! ;-)"

"Having fun with the Frisbee - Who said I was to share it?"


"This was a snake in the box and now it's a Bro-in-the-box :-)"

"My newest mug shot :-)"


"She says it's so hard to take pictures of me in black..."

"Spring in Alaska -aahhhh. It's beautiful - but I smell something big!"


- Bear Tracks -

"Well, we're safe. We can get that stick."

"Well my first river dip wasn't so bad. Do I still look like black Brody?"

"We clean up good :-)"


I am definitely growing...look at Tes's pet tag bag she makes...really durable in water, woods and tough stuff :o)

"This is a nice gradient before the river!"

"Cisco and I want the duck - who'll win!"


"First it's summer, and a haircut. Now it's Fall - soooo beautiful!"

"Let us count the ways to nap :-)))"

"How many ways can you think of how to nap?"


- Cheek to Cheek -

"I Royal Standard Poodles-Black Brody like walking these guys :-)"


"We'll soon see how big I get, then who'll keep the toy from who?"

WOW! COOL!!! I'm glad there's a fence there!!!!


"In between moose and's shredding toys :-)"

Puppies for sale like Royal Standard Poodles-Black Brody "Puppies - we're sooo cute ;-)"

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