Royal Standard Poodle Care & Tips

Royal Standard Poodle Care & Tips

Above: Large Brown Kodi and family walking my sister during her visit from LA, California.

last updated 2/9/16


A. Commands used during your puppy's time with Tes

B. Weekly Basics and Grooming

C. Royal & Standard Poodle Supplies Used

D. Timid Puppies

E. Home & Yard ideas

F. Educating Tes on raising and breeding canines -> Symposiums, classes, and training

See, she's so in love with Royal Standard Poodles > she's walking on air! (although the cold MN air isn't thrilling her. My sister Terry who lives in San Francisco on a visit ;-)


A. Commands used during pup's time with Tes

Note: if having difficulty getting them to go outside or coming to you—Stand sideways as it is less intimidating; get lower to them tapping the side of your leg or grab the step in harness back I give to each pup for this immediate "potty outside" purpose - NOT their collar to avoid jerking their atlas out needing chiropractic adjusting later.

Treats at hand bring them RIGHT now!

Standard Poodle Care and commands I use while here:

  • "Potty outside"-I get them outside at around 6:30 am and they’ll go right away -When just starting out, “Potty Outside” every hour -Hang out with pup for at least 5 minutes, saying “Potty Outside” then praise them lots when they go -Stools will take longer to hang out with and usually are first thing in morning, then they eat and will go again usually within an hour, then later in the day will go again. Winter months are much more difficult and you will need to work with them more.
  • "Calm" - When everyone wants to get excited and jump on you, I put my hand flat out to indicate calm.
  • "What? What?" - When everyone gets to barking at something...they don't know, and I want to, so I call this out and check out what they're looking at :o))
  • "Oweee"-When they are play biting just a little to hard I say “Oweee” and they stop right away as it sounds somewhat like a playmate would when they get hurt
  • "Treat"-They absolutely love hearing that word when it’s banana chips, carrots, or raw organic veges - I use “Treat” whenever I’m seeing difficulty in obeying, the response is incredible - if using Lamb it keeps flatulence down to almost/nothing
  • "Wipe, Wipe"-When they come in from outdoors on wet days I say “Wipe, wipe” -I stand over their backs, grab the back paws with both of my hands and wipe them on the carpet, then I take the front paws in both my hands and wipe them -They seem to enjoy this in that it’s getting your face down on their level to be with them
  • "Excuse me"-I learn to be polite to them and say “Excuse me” when they’re in my way, they learn to move when they hear it
  • "Go to bed"-Wherever you establish their bed for sleeping at night, I simply say “go to bed”
  • "Downstairs"-When they want to go outside too anxiously, I send them out via “Downstairs” where the garage door is, it’s less wear on my painted steps
  • "Don’t"…"Toy"-While chewing on something you don’t want destroyed I sternly call out “Don’t”, as it sounds like their dog parent disciplining sound, then I say “toy” and throw them a toy to play with instead.
  • "Tsssst"...a Cesar Millan the dog whisperer sound that I use to let them know dissaproval, stop doing what they're doing like barking or jumping on me.

Royal Standard Poodle Care & Tips

"Dooooonnn't beat up your sister there!"

  • "Back, Get back"-teaches them to back up when I need to come into the gate, backing them up, which is very helpful around the house or in the car.
  • "In, Come in, time to come in" is what I am teaching them after they've been outside pottying or playing for awhile.
  • "Eat, time to eat"-do they come a runnin!

NOTE: I open feed my breeding spoos and pups, which means to provide food in a dish all day long for them to eat whenever they want. Your pet can be open fed up to the point of them getting spay/neutered (6 months - 1 year), at which once this is done, it is a tendency for them to begin gaining weight due to the hormonal shift. Thin is in! Monitor your pet's weight for a healthy life :o)


Other things to know

  • Getting your Royal puppy to be more outward - Play with your hand to his mouth or paws getting him to reach for you
  • Play with your stocking feet with his mouth getting him to reach for you, “Oweee” comes in handy when they get too rough - But this seems to really get them feeling confident about who they are
  • Get beef bones, they help keep their teeth exceptionally clean besides - satisfying them when you leave them alone, no anxiety attacks. Do not cook the beef bones! You'll hear many viewpoints, this one is causes them to become to brittle. 

   -Keeps them out of trouble from chewing your good shoes, etc

       -These larger Royal poodles are extremely aggressive chewers, so do get them the bigger bones, they’ll be gone in no time

       -I stay away from the chew leathers for a number of reasons, ask my viewpoint if you’re interested

       -No chicken or pork bones as they are brittle and cause intestinal problems

  • Puppies/dogs sleep a lot - So don’t worry unless you have serious reason to
  • Puppies/dogs get worms - Don’t worry too much when the vet tells you he/she has them - handle it with treatment asap. We de-worm every two wks while here.
  • Heartworms; yes, if one doesn't use Hartgard or something to prevent them - If you live near, or on a farm, deworm every month as this is a high infestation area
  • Dog health book - have one on hand...Do look in it when you have concerns, don’t always feel you have to run to a vet, but don't let more than 24 hours go by if it gets worse

     -Give me a call any time with your Standard Poodle Care questions - See the FAQ web pg (thanks to the many who have helped develop this page with their questions and tips)

  • Red spots on your pets stomach may be from laying in the grass and bugs biting them, spring is the worst. Spray them with Cedar Oil (click link here to see cedar oil products I sell)!
  • If pet gets stubborn and won’t move from your favorite chair - use "Excuse me and Tsssst" or your favorite treat :-) just remember animals are very re-stimulative (eons past of defending themselves with aggression) and thus the less anxiety caused them the happier they and you will be.
  • Winter ice - Definitely use a pet ice melt, as I’ve had my pet's paws crack and bleed otherwise...see the Books and Links tab for websites for boots in living in the city with salty roads. I highly recommend them on the salty streets!

           -Ask me about the liquid spray I found for pets as well

  • Dogs in general DO NOT like fast motions at them - So a child running at the pet WILL upset them, possibly snap at them - CAUTION!

          -A vacuum or broom sweeping fast by the pet WILL upset them (I take mine slowly by them and they want to attack and play with it)

        -This is probably a throw back to when tigers attacked them quickly and ate them up :-)

Royal Standard Poodle Care & Tips


B. Weekly Basics and Grooming

Royal Standard Poodles need "Overall" grooming once a month, some go to 6 wks between washing. For "do it yourselfers" an excellent video on clipping coats can be found on eBay called Muddy Creek Grooming. It might not always be selling there so go to their website.

The pictures below are what I may use in grooming and Royal Standard Poodle Care spoos in A Perfect World. I'm always here to teach those who are interested in learning how to do their own grooming.

#1 choice - "Andis" for body and head clipping works great, quiet and reliable; #2 - Oster Finisher Trimmer...this trimmer I like the best on doing their toes and feet, adults and puppies, puppies get the trimmer used on their face as well when young.


1. Love, love, love the curved dematting rake (hard to find). Use behind the ears, arm pits and anywhere matting develops. 2. scissor like clippers for toe nails. I take off the safety stop as I have a better balance of knowing where to stop. 3. Always have styptic powder ready to stop any bleeding that might occur. 4. Comb I like best to work through tangles after the rake cuts through mats. 5. Slicker brush gives the finished look to your pet's coat. 6. Rake used mostly after they've been washed to work through coats. 7. Hemostat to pluck ear hairs out. 8. Round tipped scissors for clipping around ear canal and inner eye area between clipper cuttings. 9. Scissors I get at fabric stores. I use to own a fabric store and find they work as good as any other scissor for my needs.

**Don't forget to brush their teeth :o)**


Here is the grooming deck on my counter I've set up. You can buy the loops from a pet catalog. I have step ladders that they learn to go up. What I found awesome was I have had the spoos lay down on the counter for me to work on them...which actually is a submissive position and after several years of this, month after month, week after week they get to know that counter and can become VERY relaxed and comfortable getting groomed. Bruno would fall asleep if I let him :o))


Royal Standard Poodle Care & Tips

1. Ear Cleaning

This is in relation to long floppy eared Standard Poodle Care.

First, any ear infections your pet might have needs to be reviewed and assisted healing by a vet OR we have found several treatments that work. This is all resulting from Bruno's 2 long years of ear infection.

1. Blue Power Ear Formula recipe was started on Bruno after his ABSOLUTELY ulcerous ears developed January 2015 after trying to find the right dog food and his antibiotics to handle a tick born disease caused his loss of stomach flora. This formula started healing his ears within 3 days! What a relief!! After a week it was doubly better - and will ALWAYS recommend this formula! 

Now; after months of using the Blue Power I just could not get his Right ear to finish healing all the way...always some ooey stuff coming out but nothing black. I now sell the cedar oil product 2. "Wild Stallion Ear Treatment": Neutralizes and kills mites, bacteria, fungus' and other ear problems"  in the products section under #6. Another tried was Zymox.

ALSO I found at the vet's an old familiar ear healing powder called     3. "NFZ Puffer - Nitrofurazone Antibiotic Powder". I would soak with the Blue Power, spray afterwards with the Wild Stallion, dab excess moisture away from the outside and puff in lots of NFZ Puffer. FINALLY after 2 wks Bruno has not shook his head or had discharge- FINALLY!

4. I switched to organic - Vets Choice Health Extension dog food with probiotics. Dick Van Pattens sold to another company, did not inform me of changed ingredients.

5. I used essential oils to help it further.

The problem was continually discussed with 6. Pet Chripractor Dr. Mark LaVallie, he started deep healing laser treatment on his ear.

7. He discussed adding more probiotics to his dog food that already contained it to help push the healing of his gut flora as well. I purchased, and continue to this day to use for all the spoos is "Probios powder" from Vets Plus, Inc. 

I believe what completed Bruno's right ear to finish healing was #6, 7 and then I took him to the vet again and this time they resolved it had developed into a bacteria infection...after 2 years of doing everything possible, 8. the vet prescribed Baytril/Dex Otic liquid ear medication and within the week it finished healing - TOTALLY! See picture below :o)) So he was getting laser treatments, probiotics every day in his food, and the prescription medication when it finally finished healing within a week of the medication being added.

Below: see how red, raw and oozing his ears had become :o((

a) soooo bad!

b) MUCH better!!

Remember the Left ear had healed within several months of treatments.

FINALLY right ear healed after 2 years! 1/20/16

Healthy pink cleaned ears.

The oozing caused the lower back of his ear to become red and raw too.

We all hate to see our pet so miserable, it makes me miserable, and yes we listen to this, we try that, and each is so unique to their health, we have to wait for results, always hurry up and wait...hoping this helps someone out there, sooner then later.

Last but not least: some people think you shouldn't pull the hairs from a poodle's ear...SOME poodles have very little ear hair, but ALL have continual growing hair that actually plugs up and can cause their balance issues, infections, and more...SO - YES! CLEAN their ears of excess ear hair that this does not occur, observe your poodle and their needs.

Look at your puppies ears upon their arrival from me to see how they should look for their future.


  • 16 OZ. ISOPROPYL ALCOHOL (some people will use Witch Hazel instead as it is milder - Tes used the Witch Hazel for marvelous results!) Witch Hazel can be found at any Walmart store.
  • 4 TABLESPOONS BORIC ACID POWDER - found at drug stores
  • 16 DROPS-GENTIAN VIOLET SOLUTION 1% (AVAILABLE AT CVS, THRIFTY, and any small home Pharmacy will make some up for you if you ask).
  • Mixing bottle with squirt head to use with above ingredients

Mix together in larger bottle and shake well. You will also need to shake solution every time you use it to disperse the Boric Acid Powder. To use, pour into a bottle with squirt head (or what works for you) to dispense the solution to the affected ear. (pictures to come)


Evaluate condition of ears before treating and if very inflamed and sore, do not attempt to pull hair or clean out ear at all. Wait till Inflammation has subsided which will be about 2 days. Shake bottle each time before using. Flood ear with solution, massage gently
to the count of 60. Flood ear again on first treatment and leave alone without massaging. Dog will shake out the excess.


  • Treat 2 times per day for the first week up to two weeks, depending on severity of infection. 
  • Treat 1 time per day for 1 to 2 weeks.
  • Treat 1 time per week for 2 weeks, 
  • then 1 time per month. 

You will find that despite the alcohol/witch hazel, the dog will not object to even the first treatment. The boric acid soothes the ear. The Gentian Violet is an anti-infection agent. The solution appears to work well on any and all ear problems from mites to canker ears.

After the 2nd or 3rd day you can clean out the ears with Q-Tips or cotton balls.

The success rate for this treatment is 85-99%. Those who do not succeed have usually not done the treatment long enough or have not kept to the timetable above. Dogs on the verge of ear canal surgery have been returned to normal with only the regular follow up treatment necessary to maintain the ear. After the ear problems are cleared up, only a maintenance dose is necessary during regular grooming.

NOTE - When treating the ears, avoid doing it in an area where the Blue Mixture can stain walls, carpet, furniture, clothing etc. When the dog shakes its ears, the solution will spray all over the place! Any color remaining outside the ear can be washed off with a sponge or washcloth, soap and water. On white dogs, you may wish to place a cotton ball in each ear for a few seconds, while they shake.


* Shake the bottle well as you use it as the Boric Acid settles quickly

Special thanks to "Tempest Deptuch" for sharing this information with the public and permission to use on line...

NOW > on a weekly basis (depending on pet - maybe 2x per week), have a good light over your shoulder that you can look into the ear to see what you're doing.

2. Zymox and

Wild Stallion cedar oil treatment

Another treatment that a customer has brought to our attention is Zymox Ear Solution.  You put 3 drops in the affected ear once daily.   

When the ear is cleared up the cleanser is used as a maintenance.  You may need to order these products online as Petsmart/Petco do not always have them.

If you find that you have to keep using the treatment to keep the ears healthy, you may have a Pseudomonas bacteria remaining in the ear, which can be cleared up by using a Vinegar and Water flush two times a week. I chose the veterinary routes medication before I became aware of this method.

  • The suggested amounts of Vinegar & Water are: 1 tablespoon Vinegar to 1 cup warm water. 
  • You can also obtain an excellent ear wash from your vet that has boric acid and vinegar in it. It is called DERMA PET Ear/Skin Cleanser for Pets.

More on ear cleaning:

a. If I get poodles in for grooming with super dirty ears I always handle with Dr. Foster's ear liquid cleaner (I like the best) or you can purchase dog ear liquid at a pet store, vet, or other dog catalog. I squirt it in and rub their ears for awhile to break the gunk down. Then I take q-tips and clean out the best I can without it getting dry, otherwise it'll make the inside of their ears raw. I would do this two days later if I had them available, really keeping the q-tip wet with liquid and cleaning out more gunk. It's easy to overdue, so caution not to overwork.

b. After you've cleaned the gunk out the next important thing on the first day is to clip and pull any hair in the inner ear away as much as possible using an ear powder to help grip. One can purchase forceps to help pull the hairs out as well. I use blunt ended short scissors to trim away the outside hairs then opening up the ear canal with my fingers, and sometimes having a second person help by holding (if it's a struggling dog), I use the forceps/fingers to pull in small amounts as much hair out as possible so I can see the skin of the inner ear - not hair. You just grab onto small sections of hair with 2 fingers tightly and pull it out. Don't grab big amounts, small amounts only. This should get your pet some good clean ear canals which truly helps keep away problems. Ear powder afterward soothes their ears then.

If you get your puppy from us, look into their ears right away to see how clean they should be as I maintain them during their growing time with us. This is how they should look weekly, and especially coming home from a groomer! Hopefully I've kept them up for you ;o)

Get after yourself to do this weekly if they're the pet that needs it weekly, or twice a week if need be!

c. The groomer should make sure when he uses his clippers he takes off the hair under the long leather flap as well to assure air circulation for your Standard Poodle Care. I always maintain short hair under the ear flaps of our Royal poodles.

d. Then, I tell my customers every week--every week you need to handle ears and nails. The next is weekly maintenance:

    i. I fill a cap of alcohol now, I use alcohol now as it kills any bug            mites/germs etc. that might want to make a home. Using q-tips          dunked with alcohol I have the light behind me and open up the            ear with my fingers and start to swab any gunk, changing q-tips          frequently until they come out clean, should only have to use no          more then 3 by now per ear, never over rub or let q-tip dry.

   ii. Pull/clip any excess hair always after you've used the alcohol as it        will take any sting away in using the powder.

When I first started breeding both my poodles had ear problems. After the vet medicine handled the infection. I started this weekly/semi weekly routine and continue it to assure their healthy ears. I start out right away with the pups and do this, say watching TV etc, is their weekly grooming time for ears and nails.

Kodi seemed to have the cleanest ears of all and was extremely laid back when I cleaned him, Zain's were dirtier and she hates having her ears cleaned! They're all different that's for sure.

That's my routine, happy happy pets :o)))

2. Hair Clipping

Some questions asked me...will be added onto in future with your questions:

a) Can I cut the pups hair all off when I get him/her? Answer: I wait until 3 months of age...depending on region, I want them to have their coats with cool evenings until their body regulations come under better right now with my boy "Eagle", and this hot weather, I'm ready to clip it with a #4 blade, not too short, and then at 4 months if temps keep hot and steady in day and night I'll use a #10 on him.

3. Nail Clipping

There are several types to choose from. The guillotine style and a scissors style of clippers. Assure they're sharp. Have a styptic liquid or powder ready just in case, I like the powder best.

Slowly take away a little bit of the nail at a time until you see the lighter colored quick of the nail.

This should be done on a weekly/semi weekly basis depending on their pace of growth.

4. And Don't Forget to Brush Their Teeth Weekly

5. Bathing your Standard Poodle and Anal Gland relief

A standard poodle should be washed once a month. There are other references to this out there, but this is my recommendation. If you live in drier cold winter temperatures the longer you can delay a wash the healthier for your poodle as their skin cannot tolerate the constant shampoo and drying.

A good bath picture story is on the customer web page with Paylin.

Anal Glands should be checked. If they are scooting on the floor there is one of two things going on; 1. Worms or, 2. Anal glands need cleaning. This YouTube vet shows what to do in cleaning anal glands so you don't have to run to the vet. Check out other YouTube videos as well or have your groomer check them at every wash.

Shampoos and Creme Rinses: I have had many customers wonder why their pet has scabs or hot spots, even though no fleas. I ask them to check with their groomer to find out what kind of products they are using. I say this because a human I knew use to get her hair done weekly at a beauty parlor and developed scabs and hot spots. So many products are chemical ridden, unhealthy for us and our pets. I have been using and recommend Natures Specialties products. After years of use, I have never had scabs or hot spots on our poodles and recently observed it recommended on CBS with the popular show "Greatest American Dog".

I go onto and check prices for the Colloidal Oatmeal Creme Rinse and shampoos.

Always assure all shampoo is thoroughly rinsed out and then conditioned. Then, washing conditioner out thoroughly as well.

During the summer months I use a natural flea and tick eucalyptus repellant shampoo to help keep the bugs away. Clipping their hair as short as possible to watch for any ticks.

** Now for my daily grooming - I have to say I don't groom them daily. To wrap it up, here is what I do in having 5 spoos around:

  • I do wash some of their faces and eyes when I see the need on a frequent basis
  • I do have to pull out thistles and twigs from the park on a frequent basis during the summer when they get into something I haven't gotten cut down in the parks at which the dematting rake is used and then the shedding comb.
  • Combing their top knots out with those who have them is generally done on a weekly basis

        a) first I use the dematting rake to cut through snarls

                b) then I use the shedding comb to pull out the raked snarls and smooth out their hair

               c) always check behind their ears as that gets bad as well as their armpits ;-)

                d) I will check their tails and handle in the same manner as a & b above

               e) don't just pull their little knots out as it literally is pulling their hair out of their body and will scab up :-(

I don't like to keep their overall body hair very long as you could imagine I would have to do this daily which as a fantasy novel writer I just don't have that kind of time. I like to keep their hair very short in the Summer to watch for woodticks and keeping them cool and for the Winter maintain around 1/2" - 1" in otherwise it gets extremely unmanageable. Now if someone only has one to two spoos they can decide they want to maintain it with the time they create.

  • Every week to two weeks I clean ears and clip toenails as noted above.
  • Every 4-6 weeks is the full shampoo and conditioner at which one needs to make sure you rake "before" grooming as it can get quite a bit and that is why I like to keep their hair short. This is when I would use the slicker brush to "pretty" them up, other wise I rarely use it unless I want to pretty them up. As spoos don't have a hair direction one can use it top to tail or reverse, or fluff :-)

Royal Standard Poodle Care & Tips

C. Royal & Standard Poodle Supplies Used

This is the harness I like to walk the poodles with so not to choke or throw their atlas out which causes eye running problems. Chiropractic care for dogs will help put the atlas back in place which ALWAYS stops the draining eyes in a week with Dr. Mark LaVallie; caring for their over all body as well.


Royal Standard Poodle Care & Tips

D. Timid Puppies

What I've read in books (or seen) for puppy tips:

1. Always stand sideways to your Royal pet, not full front. They take this as dominance and will do what I call "piddly submission" to you if they are too timid already. One never wants to be mean or punishing to them when piddly submitting as they are doing what they do in nature to more dominating dogs-piddling to show you, the pack master, of your dominance over them. Yelling only continues the piddly submission. Of course urinating at bathroom time in the house definitely needs to be taken outside ASAP. But approach the pet from a sideways step in grasping them. Great Standard Poodle Care tip. Watch your voice tone as in #2.

2. How your voice sounds reflects a dogs language to them. If you’re upset and yelling, this sounds like their mother barking and disciplining them. If you are cheerful, it is like their puppy mates playing with them. And of course, an even tone encourages them as their parents might. Note my commands above and how I do my best to sound like the Royal parents.

3. Get down on their eye level sideways and encourage them to come to you with their favorite treat. Have treats everywhere ready (small pieces of course)! Carry them at all times to give and encourage the timid pup. Again watch how you speak to them.

4. As a pup, did you notice them to have hiccups? It is great to find a dog chiropractor to give them an adjustment.

When they're older, it sounds different...I notice Royal Kodi catching his breath and I realize he has the hiccups as it has the same rythm. So, before rushing off to the vet, evaluate if they just have the hiccups :-)

5. In a litter, sometimes there may be one puppy that gets picked on by all the others, including momma. My viewpoint, I believe this causes the strain on their personality to be such...making them more submissive then most.

You see I can relate, as a Royal female dam I had "was” timid until I learned these things. Then I read and worked the above steps. It worked! Once I understood "why" she was doing it, I quit being frustrated in handling her and she came around to be a girl that wants to please for everything.

There are all kinds of variables that can play into this and other people, I’m sure, may have their viewpoints…that’s fine. This is simply what I have found, hoping it can help you.


Royal Standard Poodle Care & Tips

E. Home & Yard ideas

Welcome to our home. I painted the garage door mural to reflect a scene from my fantasy book "A Perfect World." Visit us and our Royal & Standard Poodles at Staples, MN...this has now been replaced with a new office space 2010 for better Standard Poodle Care and watching over.

This is part of the front park. I have built the front park, back park, puppy park and the youth park in the center of everything that I can watch closely as they grow and learn.

They now have 5 acres of running parks, 8 in all. It's important to make sure poisonous flowers are placed outside a fence to protect from any snack they might want to have.

Let alone if you don't want puppies to destroy them!

Lilac Park


Front Park

Above: Back Park

  • I spray our home and Royal Standard Poodles park every month during the Summer with natural cedar to combat the bothersome critters (Mosquitoes carry heart-worm; Some woodticks are Lyme and Antiplasmosis carriers). Finally after 5 years of this, the Summer of 2012 I had NO woodticks sucking ANY of my spoos! Help your pet if you have such situations by contacting an Organics Application expert for your Standard Poodle Care...or you can purchase a mist sprayer off of and purchase cedar on ebay. Ask me any questions you'd like on this!


Below: Combined Parks (today there are fences dividing this wide open area with gates to open for everyone to travel through when appropriate) to come for Central Park, Middle Park, Puppy Park, Youth Park and new Back Park...

This area is gone once the new heated garage was built, pea rock is placed for the new Central Park, the new Puppy Park is behind the picture to come summer of 2015 when I complete them...stay tuned...


Puppy Park (now gone July 2014 to make way for the new heated garage)

:-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-)

We ring the bells so we don't have to yell for the Royal Standard Poodles to come in. It's a good Standard Poodle Care tip ;-)

Don't forget doggy doors for your Royal & Standard Poodle care, they allow for your pet to go outside for their needs whenever they want. We heat with wood so it is nice to provide them with this opportunity and not worry about heating or cooling needs.

The puppies all learn how to use them by the time they are 8 weeks old.

Royal Standard Poodle Care & Tips

And then...Where would I be without my WONDERFUL Shark steam cleaner! Highly recommend!


F. Educating Tes

Under Construction!

  • MN Pet Breeders Assc. is a great place for breeders to join and learn. Education is provided by AKC, USDA, and many other professionals to help us become aware and educated in being better.

Things I have really gotten from education:

  • 3/1/14 Webinar on Theriogenology (study of reproduction) Club Symposium: Canine Reproduction - UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine - AKC recommendation - I learn many things from each symposium, as equal as any other. The thing I brought away from this one is the gained knowledge of Semen Freezing Artificial Insemination (AI). I have been freezing Bruno and Daniel's semen the past year, and this helped me grasp the value and extent the technology has come in the years. 2nd most important gain would be REALLY understanding more on the females reproduction cycle, which will help me in the time of AI with the frozen semen for the girls.
  • Jan 2014 USDA workshop by MN Pet Breeders Assc. to cover new Nov. 18, 13 regulations imposed.
  • Spring 2012 MN Pet Breeders Assc. seminar: A breeding female is born with a specific number of eggs, no more. When able to breed, they should be allowed to breed as if they don't, it actually wears out their uterus more so then actual pregnancy and possible female disease pyometra which they must be spay to live. I still, will not breed without a good down payment list.
  • Spider webs are extremely flammable!
  • 2009 U of M Canine Symposium: Canine Renal disease in Boxers is so bad now, it is rare to find lines that do not have this. It is important to feed healthy dog food and watch for this disease.
  • 2 days at Ames, IA - Animal Vet University Canine Symposium #1 -> Pat Hastings research on canine structure - ABSOLUTELY phenomenal! Knowing what to look for and breed toward for the future health structure of the poodle.

If you've found these Royal & Standard Poodle Care & Tips helpful and have other questions you've been unable to resolve on the internet, see if we can help by filling out the form below or give me a call.


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