Royal Standard Poodle Frequently Asked Questions

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Why -doodle when you can "Poodle"? 

Poodles are the REAL thingwith the right breeder SUPER SMART, beautiful, and HEALTHY!

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Royal Standard Poodle Questions...

The Royal Standard Poodle pictures shared on this page have been taken over the various seasons we find here in Minnesota. We hope you enjoy them and may learn from the many questions asked over time...we've got fresh raspberries to eat in the park - yummm!


Q: Do you have rules in place when people come to visit?

A: Yes, Please read the Home Rules sign before entering.

When coming to visit the Royal Spoos you must read the home rules! After reading, come on in and get ready to meet all of our wonderful Spoos and enjoy! The customers from Washington coming for their second spoo find a great opportunity to learn and enjoy our pack :o) 

I'll do my best to answer your questions with the knowledge I have at the time.

A. About our Standard Poodles

1. What are Royal Standard Poodles?

  • Answer: There are many viewpoints in the world of what designates a Royal. The following website's question and answer indicates all of my poodles are Royals (if not giants). 

Just remember-it's strictly a marketing term at this time referencing the larger size standards which I breed toward. 

The one book that actually defines Royal - the dictionary - you'll find the word "regal". This exemplifies these poodles size and temperament to a T!

October 1, 2006; It has been agreed by individuals in communication with me; Toy, Miniature, Standard, and "Royal" should be a new category to the Poodle world. They should start at a shoulder height of 25" and over. Adulthood weight at 60 pounds and up. Those who think of their poodles as "Giants"; which would you rather name them? Most surveyed wanted "Royal". The name says it all. If you want to see this new category write AKC. The more who write in, attention will be given to this new category. American Kennel Club (AKC): Visit them to learn more.

2. What colors do you have?

  •  Answer: My main focus is Royal size brown, black and standard size apricot and creams. See what I've learned about coat characteristics here >

Royal Standard Poodle Questions

"Kodi Color"

3. How big do your poodles get and do you have smaller standards?

  • Answer: We do have "Standard Poodles" yet "Royal" is what I enjoy and focus on breeding. "Our" Standard Poodle parents are between 55-85#, 25"-28" at the shoulder. I share 1/3 puppies will grow between 80-100#, 1/3 65-80#, and the other 1/3 50-65#. Check out the "Customer Poodles" tab for pictures and tracking data of their growth! When the girls or boys are spayed/neutered, on the average they grow taller instead of fuller when done within 5-6 months of age. Their hormones, when done early enough, do not focus on filling out masculinely or working to become a dam. Instead the body continues to grow in another dimension :-)

The colorful leaves were taken after an early morning Fall walk. In the backdrop of blue, that is fog coming off of the swamp on our lower ground. The fallen maple tree leaves gave breath-taking color that pictures can't equal in real time, yet I hope you enjoy them as much as the spoos enjoyed chasing the fresh beet I'd pulled from the garden to get them to be in the pictures :-)

4. Do the Royal Standard Poodles live with you?

  • Answer: Yes - they all live within my home and parks. You can see by the many pictures I try to provide to share our living together. Pictures say a thousand words :o)

* Royal Standard Poodle Questions...yummy bones to chew?

5. What are the steps along the way in working with you? 

  • Answer: See section #1 Protocol at >  standardpoodlepuppiesforsale - once you make a down payment I send a checklist for you to know our communication and steps along the way in working together.

6. What commands should I know in bringing home a pup from you?

7. How often do you breed?

  • Answer: I only like to breed when I have down-payments, knowing the litter is wanted is key! I don't just breed to breed. So if I don't have pups at the time, your patient willingness to plan ahead benefits everyone. 

* Royal Standard Poodle Questions

8. Do you have older poodles for sale?

  • Answer: Rarely. Generally my pups are all sold by the time they are 8 weeks of age. It may be that several might be with me for 4 months.

I must be vigilant to assure all the breeding spoos will be the best breeder with offspring my customers desire. If the breeding poodle turns out to not be qualified for whatever the reason, I will seek to place them in a home in MN. If the poodle is several years old I like to go to the owners home and introduce the poodle to the home for several hours, then bring it home with me. It is within the next weeks time frame that I ask the potential new owner to make a decision as I do not want the pet to be jumping around from home to home.

9. What are your breeding practices?

  • Answer: I do my best with the knowledge I have at the time. Here is a website at Bijou Poodles Canada, with permission, that covers a good perspective -  
  • I see many of my goals growing, education among them, above all I want to create a loving, structural healthy, Royal size line of offspring. I also see and work with Pat Hastings research on canine structure for the future health of our future poodles. Puppy puzzle at on my books link web page.

* Royal Standard Poodle Questions

10. Do you Line-breed or In-breed?

  • Answer: This question is answered with educating a consumer on the pros and cons of Line-breeding or In-breeding. This is an excellent article written by Jerold S. Bell DVM who was a speaker at a canine symposium I went to for further education. 
  • With the knowledge in this article, if I have found GOOD characteristics outweighing any bad, I have on occasion chosen to strengthen that in my lines. It is with educated knowledge in bettering the future of the poodle that this is done on my part...done in horses, done in cattle, and many animals for the best health, quality, and lines to be brought forward to life.

11. Why are some of your Royal Standard Poodles tails short?

  • Answer: Can you imagine in the momma's womb, being squished together with anywhere from 5-11 other puppy mates? A tail may kink into a position and upon birth, it is still kinked and won't un-kink. We dock it just below the kink...I know, too kinky!

12. Do you train your spoos to hunt?

  • Answer: Click here to see they are Natural hunters, sorry I don't personally work to train them...but they do hang out when I shoot squirrels out of the trees for them :o)

* Royal Standard Poodle Questions

B. Traveling Pets and Visiting

1. Can I come and see your poodles?

  • Answer: Yes - I invite all to come and visit us, depending if I have a litter under 6 weeks of age. Then I ask that you wait until they get their first set of shots at 6 weeks of age to protect them against the negative germs that might effect them. This is called the "Quarantine" period. If you are traveling from the twin cities I like to provide a lunch for you :o)

2. Is there a place I can stay if I'm traveling a long distance?

3. Do you fly pups?

4. When traveling my puppy throws up...can you help me?

  • Answer: From my experience as a car sickness person, I must either drive or when riding "sleep" on a trip. In recognizing that, there are two considerations I observe with the spoos:   1. I have observed the "puppies" always get sick up to one year of age no matter where I would place them during the day...not so much on short trips but yes on the longer trips...Holding them helps A LOT BETTER then crating them...Now when we travel in the dark and at night, like flight trips, they sleep all the way and I never have throw ups...amazing, the minute there's daylight they awake and start to lose their equilibrium and get sick :o( so I always try to do the early morning trip that I have very little traveling with them during the day time hours...otherwise towels, towels, towels, garbage bags at hand.                                 2. After a yr of age they are big enough for me to seat belt them into the front seat where they can look straight forward to keep their equilibrium...if in the back of the van I NEVER crate them, always giving them the opportunity to look forward to balance their equilibrium...I rarely if ever get the adults throwing up this way...they always do in a crate as they lose their equilibrium :o(

* Royal Standard Poodle Questions

C. About Health & Grooming

1. Do you test your Royal Standard Poodles parents?

  • Answer: Yes, please look under each of our poodles' links on the side tabs to see what tests have been done at their current age... 

2. Do your poodles have hip dysplasia?

  • Answer: I test my parents either through OFFA or PennHip ratings matching parents with the best hips possible for your future pet. The following should help consumers understand further this question. In learning about good breeding practices:

Go to Pat Hastings dvd "Puppy Puzzle and purchase it for you and your friends to become an informed consumer.

3. Do you test your poodles eyes?

  • Answer:  Yes, we test all of the parents every 1-2 years for any eye issues with CERF (Canine Eye Registry Found.).  Only Daniel after all these years is known to have PPM. Persistent Pupillary Membranes (PPM) which are considered cosmetic strands of tissue in an eye.  They are pieces left from the blood vessels that supplied nutrients to the development of the eye before birth.  They usually disappear by 4 or 5 weeks.  It is cosmetic and not detrimental to their sight.  I have received feedback from customers that some of his offspring have this as well.

4. What do you feed your Royal Standard Poodles?

  • Answer: see Vet's Choice Health Extension dog food down the page on this link >
  • Using can help you select your dog food.  Be sure to read the ingredients and not just look at the ratings!  
  • Also be sure to check out our research on dog foods!  We have the top 5 ratings listed in quality 3/4 of the page down. Click Here
  • Choosing the correct dog food for your poodle will require trial and observation.  Not all are the same, some will get ear infections from some of the best food, others will not.  

* Royal Standard Poodle Questions

5. My pet died of bloat, do you have information on this?

  • a) Answer: A customer sent me a Scientific Report that was excellent > in your google cut and paste in -> JAVMA vol 216 January 1, 2000, this second adds on this data - JAVMA vol 217 November 15, 2000. These studies discuss Gastric dilation-volvulus (GDV), eating from raised dishes CREATES more air, open feeding or frequent small feedings is far better with water at all times available and much more.
  • b) Try: some are finding vets that can have their pup's stomach stapled when they have the spay/neutering done, called gastropexy.
  • c) I emphasize to understanding that turned stomachs and bloat are two separate considerations...even if stomach stapled to body, bloat can occur from bad food. It won't turn but can bloat. 

           When a stomach turns, there is nowhere for food or gas to go,            thus bloat sets in. Understand? Do some YouTube googling on              how to avoid bloat.

6. My puppy appears to be getting/have a bowed front leg/s after coming home - HELP ?

  • Answer: Get them taking their NUVET Supplements RIGHT AWAY!!! Use code #89093. Keep them on their supplements until their bone growth has had a good opportunity to stabilize...6 months-1 yr? Go to this website to learn more about and purchase calcium and bone strengthening supplement to help for a good 3 days per vet recommendation if seen after their 8 wk-15 wk age - they need help right away along with their Nuvet supplements! They are GROWING SO FAST and bones are still developing with a big body above them!! Call me if you'd like to talk asap 218-414-0023 > Tes.

* Royal Standard Poodle Questions

7. Why does my poodle have a dry cracked nose?

  • Answer: I googled this and found several different viewpoints...go ahead and do a google yourself. I noted before seeing this on my girl's nose that she had been on antibiotics off and on for over a month for deep cuts from digging and crawling under a fence...more then once. I found this site that provides some relief... ... all natural products used. After no more antibiotics, and using this salve, her nose has been normal for over a year now.

8. What do I need to do if I want to groom the poodle myself?

9. Can you tell me about the Coefficient of Inbreeding (COI)?

* Royal Standard Poodle Questions

10. My poodle has hot spots, dry skin, itching, or, my poodle has a bacterial skin infection which my vet has been unable to clear up. What can I do besides medical drugs?

  • Answer: Here are natural recommendations to work through with your pet…

a) Look at the testimonials on ordering code #89093 to see what their natural supplements can help your pet with. Pictures speak louder then words! Honestly - My spoos RARELY itch with the following protocol I have in place: Nuvet supplements, Vets Choice Health Extension dog food, Cedar Oil spray for fleas and ticks, natural eucalyptus type shampoos and oatmeal cream rinse: below are many other variables... 

b) Has your pet recently been spay/neutered? Might they be reacting to something given them? Perhaps a little more time will flush it out of their system. Provide lots of water.

c) Do you have carpet? How is it being cleaned? With chemicals? Use pure clean water, hot or cold to clean it instead…or pull up that old carpet and lay a new floor that can be cleaned with hot water or vinegar water - naturally.

d) Is your pet’s skin dry, flaky, itching? Add Salmon or Omega oil over their food. This will improve their skin and coats from the inside out…eventually healing elbow callouses!

e) What dog food are you feeding your pet? Some may be lacking the nutrients your pet needs causing issues. I use dry kibble Vets Choice Health Extension adult formula for my poodles and find their skin and coats healthy. 

f) Fleas & ticks; are you protecting them with a chemical product? Help protect them with natural products such as Cedar Oil or Northern Eagle Organic Products “Mother Natures Defense for people and pets”, spray it on to keep the bugs from biting. Use their “Naturally occurring live Micro-organisms” in your pet water. This will prevent heart worm and help clear up skin conditions from the inside out. Using a eucalyptus shampoo will help prevent them from bothering your pet as well. 

g) Is your groomer using a chemical based shampoo and conditioner? Natures Specialties have natural products, found on my Books & Links page. I recommend the eucalyptus shampoo and conditioners. 

h) Has your pet been eating toxic foods? This company provides a great variety of herbal natural products

i) Essential oils: this has MANY great values in checking out the various oils to know what can help their health, there are some great books to check into to learn what will help with various conditions...see Essential Oils books on the Books and Links tab.

j) Find out if you have yard mites or a yard bacterial problem from dry weather or such. Find a yard service that uses natural products to handle any major issues in your yard. 

k) Is the harness he's wearing bothering or chafing him? Adjust to be larger, or take it off and use now only for his walks and such. 

l) Many of the above products can be found on my Books & Links page. There are many natural products out there to help you and your pet live without overloading their/your systems to all the chemicals found in products and left on surfaces that our skin can absorb or digest. Search the internet to help you.

m) All of the above examples have proven and helped clear up either *Bacterial skin infection, Hot spots, itching, or Dry flaky skin. Be patient. It took time for your pet’s skin and hair to become irritated, it will take a little time to get it cleared up again. 

11. What weight should I keep my standard poodle at?

  • Answer: one should be able to easily feel the ribs of your pet. This will keep the weight off the hips for a healthier spoo.

12. Why do dogs snort?

* Royal Standard Poodle Questions

D. About Pricing, books, and Other

1. How much do your poodles cost?

  • Answer: As I develop my lines, spending thousands of dollars on tests ($10,000 in 2011), the right breeding poodle, and many other time consuming factors - it is true their cost will rise accordingly. This provides those who want a quality standard poodle in health, size and personality the fact they WILL get one :-)

2. Why the price?

  • Answer: a) Testing that needs to be done for assuring the customer I am trying to do my best to provide a good pet for them. b) Marketing pups on the internet (such as this website) and newspaper ads are very expensive. c) Grooming clippers and blades that constantly wear out. d) Maintaining parks for them to have lots of room to live, laugh, and be dogs bringing you happy puppies. e) Vet expenses are constant to be a good breeder and have healthy pups. f) Chiropractic expenses for the kids to stay healthy and a litter's first adjustment before they go to their new homes. g) Spraying the acres during the summer to keep mosquitoes away for healthy happy puppies. h) They do not eat cheap dog food. i) Home upkeep as puppies destroy chords and things I thought I had puppy proofed. j) Continued classes to learn on being a good breeder. k) Paper towels, paper towels, and more paper towels :-)

As you see the list could go on. It is my joy to provide you joy and the expenses do add up, as I want all customers to know owning a Royal or Standard Poodle pet is a high maintenance life, yet worth it beyond price in many of our viewpoints :-)

3. Do you give refunds?

  • Answer: ...under the following conditions...

a. At the birth of a litter, there is not the color or gender you desired.

b. Your down payment was my decision to breed my girls. Your non-refundable down payment will be here for your return in the future in purchasing your next pet from us if you so desire.

* Royal Standard Poodle Questions

After the Fall colors pale, it's time to vacuum them up - why?  So the beautiful green grass will grow instead of dirt in the spring :-) Here is our leaf mower vacuum unloading leaves from the 4 acres...see the pile building?

4. Do you know where I could get a rescue poodle?

5. What books can you recommend me reading on poodles?

* Royal Standard Poodle Questions

Below, I have pushed the leaves up into a pile for burning.

E. Decisions

1. I have 2 or more dogs already and would like to get one of your poodles. What should I be aware of?

  • Answer: Under Books & Links, I ask that people who currently have at least 2 pet dogs read the first chapter in  the book "Animals Make Us Human" by Temple Grandin. Absolutely the BEST book in understanding your dog pet, especially in a pack!!! A must read!!! 
  • Cesar Milan - WATCH his dvds to know how to be the pack leader, especially with more then one...

2. Do you have customers I can visit with on their purchase from you?

  • Answer: Upon your request, I will email several customers providing your contact information, at which you two will take it from there. 

3. I have a male/female already. Should I get a male/female?

  • Answer: That question must be personally analyzed with our conversations to understand the dynamics of the home. I personally like to see the spiritual aspect of a male and female they would be in nature.

* Royal Standard Poodle Questions

Aahhh, here are the vacuumed up parks afterwards.

4. Can you refer me to a breeder?

Answer: I have several personal breeder friends I may recommend at the time. It is difficult to recommend other breeders as I never know what they might have for a program, doing in tests for their pets, or are doing with their line at the time. 

5. I want to be a breeder. Will you sell me a pup for breeding?

Answer: One must understand the responsibility in being a breeder, it is not something to be taken lightly in my viewpoint, by the U.S.A. government, or MN state laws. Questions to ask yourself: a. What are my state requirements in being a breeder of dogs? b. What tests need to be done?  c. Contract, what will I have in it? ... is the individual I buy my breeding pet from willing to mentor me?

ALL our breeding pups sell for $4,000, no exceptions. A special contract would be sent you. I DO NOT sell Bruno offspring for breeding rights per his breeder contract with me.

If you are/intend to be a large kennel - NO, I will not sell to you!

6. If I don't want a tail docked, will you not dock it?

Answer: If you were the first down payment customer, and my female poodle only had one pup, and you wanted that pup, I would not dock its tail. 95% of my customers want the tails docked and dew claws done. 

* Royal Standard Poodle Questions

What's next? Minnesota Winter!

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