Large Standard Poodle Female - Sophie

Last Updated 02/26/2019

We Won our mug!

Large Standard Poodle Female - Sophie; Being a service dog with Pack Leaders in Lemon Grove, CA - parents Royal Brown Falcon x Brown Bruno

Sophie definitely has her Dad Bruno's eyes and appearance :0)

Tracking stats of Sophie:

  • 2 year 80 lbs
  • 11 mo. 82 lbs
  • 9.5 mo. 73 lbs
  • 8 mo. 63 lbs
  • 6 mo. 46 lbs
  • 11/10/13 She is now up to 30 lbs and about three feet tall at her head when standing on all four feet.
  • 9 wks old 20 lbs!

A couple years ago we got Sophie from you.  She became my service dog and best friend.  She is trained to carry things for me, pick up stuff, help me walk and help me up when I fall.  I don't always need her help, so most days she is just my best friend that is silly and runs around making me laugh. Last night I was quickly reminded of what she is capable of and how much of a blessing she has been to my life and I wanted to thank you for that. Beyond my usual health problems two days ago I had a shot in my foot so I wasn't walking very well and as I was limping to bed I tripped and began to fall onto our granite dining room floor.  I could tell I was falling too fast to get my hands out in front of me and before I knew it Sophie was under me and caught my fall.  My falling weight was too much for her to hold up and I still hit my one knee as the rest of me fell on top of her.  I rolled off of her as quickly as possible and she stood up holding up her back leg that much of me fell on.  She started sniffing me looking for injuries and when  my husband ran out of the bedroom Sophie refused to leave my side and laid beside me until I was ready to get up.  She even wanted to help me up like she usually does and my husband had to hold her back because I didn't want to hurt her.  She was walking and running around within about 15 minutes.  Thank you for breeding such a solid, intelligent, and amazing dog.  My life wouldn't be the same without her, she makes such a difference. Thank you

"Sophie started her private and group training lessons.  She is truly the rockstar of the group.  When she puts her harness on monster puppy becomes perfect puppy and she does everything as I am asking her to do it.  She won't even let me finish the word.  Her trainer said she is the smartest dog she has ever trained.  If you show it to her once she has it."

I believe my owner was bragging about my flexibility and snapped this pic as proof.  I thought all creatures could sleep with their hindquarters in one direction and the front of their body in another.

Really, they can't?  Who knew... I learn something new everyday.

From a daytime nap to sacking out on the couch, there are a variety of places for large standard poodles to relax and recharge.

As you can see from the photo, we are out to dinner. ;0) a favorite endeavor for all of us.  

I am special as a Service Dog; I get a lot of attention for being helpful.

I sure am liking these humans curling up next to me and sharing the love.  Nice and warm and cushy and comfortable.

Here's my smile picture :o) Her owners share: "Sophie enjoys watching tv and movies.  Her favorite are any movie with animals or people that bite.  Some of which include Jaws, Jurassic Park, and The Walking Dead.  She carries my lunch bag to the kitchen for me everyday when I get home from work and she helps me get off the floor when I fall.  She loves to wrestle and play.  Her personality is somewhere between human and dog, she understands sarcasm and loves to be silly."

"Mug shot!" :0)

"You aren't going to take my toys are you?" :0)

"Cuddle time!"


"Big spoo, little spoo, chew time!" :0)

"Really mom a mow hawk?" :0)


"Getting mom's shoes, or maybe they are dads....hmmm" :0)

"What's that out the window?? Can we go out and see????"


"Sit, couch, that's what people do, that's what they tell me to do, sit, the couch it shall be :0)"

"We love being on the couch it's so much fun!"

"What happened to these girls growing up like me?"

"Looks like you have something good, can I have some?"


"Okay, I take the hint..."

"Time to just relax.. Playing has exhausted us to much"

Cyrus has shrunk! or Sophie has just grown that much.


"What? I'm just in one of those playful moods, it's my 4 legs up picture everyone tries to take :0)"

"Sophie likes to lay up against the bathtub whenever someone is taking a shower," says Sophie's owner.


"That's right, I'm just that cute. ;0) I still see you"

  "She is almost as tall as him now (basenji Zion) and she eats like a horse.  She never had a single accident in the house and she loves to go out with me.  She thinks every person she sees is her long lost friend and she refuses to let me sleep past my usual wake up time. 

I would have much better pictures as she is just beautiful but, she moves around like a small tornado so it is hard to get a shot that is in focus."  Oh so fun...

  Cyrus and Sophie say hi :0)

"She loves water and even enjoys it when she gets a bath.  She is so outgoing and easygoing no matter where I take her she doesn't seem to be afraid of anything.  Her shots are complete now and she gets her rabies shot in a few weeks.  I scheduled her spay for the end of January."

Sophie loves to play with our basenji, Zion and toy poodle CyrusHe is a husky 10lbs as he steals all of this sister's cookies. 


Hangin' in there...zzz...

below - Sophie at Tes's 7 wks old

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