Royal Standard Poodle Monniet

WE WON! See our Instagram pictures to enjoy :o))

Royal Standard Poodle Monniet at home with LR in Falls Village, CT.

Tracking stats for Monniet:

As an extra large standard poodle, I am the perfect playmate for my substantial red friends.  My full winter coat is beautiful and warm which is terrific in this sunny winter wonderland. 

Aha!  We received the mug I won, thank you, Tes!  Now all we have to do is determine who gets to use it first...

Uncle Tauren says, "Monniet, put your chest out like this! We're Royal Standard Poodles...See me :o)"

Okay Uncle Tauren, "YAWWWWNNN, what's next in my training?"

I'm a pretty happy happy boy :o))) Being able to play a lot with my good friend Tauren...although I believe I'm going to over grow you...

My 4 legs up visiting Amy Cupp and Tauren and my mug shot for you :o)

I'm at the hotel in Austin with my owners...waiting to fly to my new home in CT.

Let me in to play! and then zzz...

Look at my SUPER pet bed, name and all :o))


Aren't I handsome ;o)

I have to say we are absolutely in love with Monniet. It has been a couple interesting nights with potty training but he has been stellar and is picking up on it very quickly. What a good boy. You really raise super stars.

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